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How to install FortiClient…

How to install FortiClient…


Note: The following instructions are for Windows PC/Laptops/Tablets and MAC. TCC is now using a supported Fortinet client that requires one of TCC’s ForiClientEMS licenses

1. Open a web browser window and visit

2. in Please login List:
a. Type your TCC username (the first part of your TCC email address) in Noun field.
B. Write your TCC password into a file password field.
c. click sign in.

You will now be asked to authenticate using the same procedure used to log into Workday

3. In TCC-VPN Gateway List:
a. Click on the dropdown menu Download FortiClient.

4. in Download FortiClient Drop-down menu:
a. Select the operating system of your computer/device.

5. Depending on your operating system, you will need to do the following:

Windows users:

On the FortiClientVPNSetup_x64.exe Installer, click Save the file:

Locate the saved file at the top of the browser. Then click on the executable file:

MAC users:

Go to the Downloads folder and double-click FortiCleintVPNSetup Install Package:

when FortiClient VPN for Mac OS X The page opens, click Installations:

Noticeable: When you start the installation, a file is created FortiClient installer The dialog box below will open. The installation may take up to five minutes to complete.

6. in Welcome to the FortiClient Setup Wizard List:
a. After reading the license agreement, check the box next to “Yes, I have read and accept b…”
B. click next one.

7. on destination folder List:
a. Keep the installer set to the default setting.
B. click next one.

8. in Ready to install FortiClient List:
a. click Installations.

9. Ali Complete the FortiClient Setup Wizard List:
a. click ends.

10. The security scan will start on your computer. While running a background scan:
a. Click the arrow Show hidden icons.
B. Click the FortiClient icon.
c. Choose Open FortiClient Console.

11. in FortiClient VPN List:
a. click VPN Configuration

12. in New VPN Connection List:

Note: Network installations should automatically connect to FortiClient and get the configuration file. If this does not happen, the ae steps are necessary. The initial connection to the VPN firewall should handle the connection to FortiClient in terms of both the license file and the configuration.

a. In the contact name Field type TCCVPN
B. In the far gate Type the field in
c. Choose Port customization square, then enter 10443
Dr.. to Authentication, Determine Prompt when logging in Selection
e. Click Save

13. Ali FortiClient Controller Menu (if it’s not already open, it’s available in the Windows taskbar):
a. Your Connection Name (TCCVPN) will be displayed.
B. Type your TCC username (the first part of your TCC email address) in user name field.
c. Write your TCC password into a file password field.
Dr.. click Connection.

14. Authentication with Multi-Factor Authentication (the procedure used to log into Workday)

15. To disconnect TCCVPN:
a. Click the arrow Show hidden icons.
B. Click the FortiClient icon.
c. Choose Unplug “TCCVPN”.

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