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How to Install Private Internet Access (PIA) on Firestick

How to Install Private Internet Access (PIA) on Firestick


VPNs encrypt your network traffic, keeping it safe from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), government, and business owner. Not only does this improve your privacy, but it reduces the chance of your ISP clamping down on your speeds, which is especially useful if you regularly use Kodi on your Firestick.

However, VPNs have another major advantage: the ability to spoof your location and access geo-blocked services from abroad. This means that with the right VPN, you can use platforms like Netflix US, ITV Hub, and Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Many VPNs now offer dedicated Firestick apps, but PIA is not one of them. Despite this, installing PIA on an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes. We have also listed some high-quality options below in case you prefer to use a VPN with the official Firestick app.

Alternative VPNs with Dedicated Firestick Apps

There are two advantages to using a service with its Amazon Fire app. First, it’s guaranteed to work flawlessly with your Amazon Firestick remote. Second, these apps update automatically, which means your app will always be ready to use when you need it.

NordVPN It is our best VPN for Amazon Firestick. It is a fast and secure VPN with exceptional speeds and the ability to unblock content, and you can install it directly from the Amazon App Store in less than a minute. NordVPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee So you can try the service risk-free. If you are not satisfied, simply cancel for a full refund, no questions asked.

IPVanish It is also an excellent choice. This low-cost VPN offers fast speeds, strong security features, and a no-logs policy. It works with fewer streaming services than ExpressVPN, but its lightweight apps and strong privacy credentials make it popular with Kodi users. IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on annual plans.

Do you want to try the best VPN without risks?

NordVPN offers a full-featured 30-day risk-free trial If you register on this page. You can use the #1 rated VPN for Firestick without restrictions for a month – great if you only need coverage for a short period.

No hidden terms – just contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

Never download APK files from third-party websites

In the tutorial below, we install PIA using its APK file. This is the Android equivalent of an EXE file on Windows or an APP file on a Mac. PIA allows users to download its official APK file directly from its website and We strongly advise not to get it from anywhere else. These files are often recompiled with malware and uploaded with the aim of tricking unsuspecting users into infecting their own systems.

Due to lack of scrutiny, malicious APK files may be hosted on seemingly reputable websites. As such, the only way to ensure the security of your file is to get it directly from your VPN provider.

How to install PIA on Amazon Firestick or Fire TV

Before we get started, there are a few things you’ll need: a 2nd or 3rd generation Firestick or Fire TV (although we offer a workaround for older devices below) and a PIA subscription. Private Internet Access offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can see if it’s right for you before you commit.

Step 1: Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

By default, Amazon Firestick only allows you to install apps from the App Store. Since PIA does not have an app in the Store, we will have to change this. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. From the main screen, go to File Settings option in the top bar.
  2. Next, select My Fire TV.
  3. Click Applications from unknown sources. It should now say “Run”.
  4. Press the home button on the remote control to return to the main screen.

Step 2: Install the Downloader app

The easiest way to install APK files on your Firestick is to use an app called Downloader. To install this app, either hold down the microphone button on the remote and say “Downloader” or search for it manually using the search bar at the top of the main screen. When you find the app, tap Loading to install it.

Step Three: Install Private Internet Access

Open the Downloader app. You will see a text entry box on the right, so go to it and press the middle button on the remote control. This is where we enter the address of the APK file we want to install, so type the following exactly as shown but without the quotes:


Next, tap He goes button at the bottom of the screen. Your file should start downloading, and once it’s finished, you’ll be asked to confirm the app’s permissions. click Installations here and Open on the next screen that appears.

The good news is that PIA’s Android app works perfectly with the Amazon Firestick remote. This means that you can get started right away without the need for any additional software. Log in with your PIA username and password. The app will ask for access to your VPN configurations, so tap OK, And OK again on the next page.

You can now already access the PIA app. Before connecting, we recommend that you enable the lock switch and ad blocker options on the right side of the screen. You should also click Settings, scroll down the list, and enable Connect on boot So that the VPN connects automatically when you turn on your Firestick.

When you’re ready, go back to the left side, choose the server you’d like to use, hit the remote, and click the button to connect to the VPN.

How to access geo-blocked services abroad with a VPN

Now that your app is set up properly, it is very easy to unblock geo-restricted platforms abroad.

  1. Select the streaming service you wish to use.
  2. Log in to the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in the right place. For example, you can use a UK server to unblock the ITV Hub or a US server to unblock Netflix US.
  4. Try to stream content on your chosen platform. It should load without any issues but if not, contact the VPN support team to see if there are specific servers you should use.

Still having problems accessing streaming services like Netflix? Take a look at our dedicated article on using PIA with Netflix.

How to manually update PIA on Amazon Firestick

Amazon Fire devices only provide automatic updates for apps available in the App Store. As such, you will have to manually update the PIA app. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process.

To update the PIA on your Firestick, just enter the link of the APK file in the Downloader app as if you were going to install it again. The only difference is that this time, you will see a file to update button instead of Installations One. Click this to install the latest version of Private Internet Access. We recommend checking the site periodically to see if there are any new updates.

Using a VPN on Your Firestick: FAQ

Can I use a VPN on my first generation Firestick?

First generation Firesticks do not support VPN tunneling, and as such, you cannot install a VPN app on them directly. So how do you know if you’re using a first-generation device or not? Look for the FCC ID on the back: If it’s 2ABDU-0509, you have a first generation Firestick.

In some cases, you can still stream safely by installing a VPN on your router. This is somewhat more complicated but will automatically encrypt and protect the traffic to and from every device on the network. The Private Internet Access website has step-by-step instructions for installing their service on Tomato and DD-WRT routers.

Why is my VPN not working properly?

Are you having issues with your VPN app? If it is not connected or you are having difficulty unblocking a particular streaming service, you may be able to fix the problem by clearing the Firestick cache. This is very straightforward and only takes a minute:

  1. Choose Settings From the navigation bar on the home screen.
  2. Click Applications, and then Manage installed applications.
  3. Find your VPN app (PIA, for example) in the list of installed programs.
  4. tap on forced stop And Clear cache buttons.
  5. Restart your VPN app and see if your issue is resolved.

Can I use a free VPN for Firestick?

You may be tempted to try using a free VPN to stream geo-blocked channels on your Firestick. However, we advise against doing this for several reasons. First, these types of services are almost always blacklisted by major streaming services, and even if they are working, they are usually very slow to watch without frequent buffering.

Furthermore, free VPNs are rarely as secure as they should be. In fact, research indicates that about one in five fail to encrypt your data in any way. Needless to say, this makes it useless from a privacy perspective. Instead, we recommend a reputable, no-logs VPN so you can stay safe while unblocking a much larger range of content.

How do I update Private Internet Access?

The easiest way to update PIA is to just log in and tap the notification on the app’s homepage that appears when an update is available. It is also possible to install the latest version directly from the website, but we recommend uninstalling older versions first to prevent potential conflicts.

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