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How to put a VPN on Samsung Galaxy A31?

How to put a VPN on Samsung Galaxy A31?


In the event that you use your mobile phone on the Internet, you surely know that, by browsing the Internet, we entrust our personal data and all the actions we do on the web to many companies that use it for more or less obvious reasons and who resell this data. Thus, it has become legitimate to want to protect your privacy and not share your online activities. The most used method is to install a VPN. You may not have heard of it before, we’ll only let you know today How to put a VPN on Samsung Galaxy A31?

To do this, at first, we will show you how a VPN works without pulling, and then explain how to install a free and a paid VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A31.

What is the benefit of VPN in Samsung Galaxy A31?

before you explain How to install VPN on Samsung Galaxy A31, We will quickly explain to you what this technology consists of and all the positive aspects that you will be able to take advantage of. You will quickly realize that a VPN can be an interesting asset in protecting your privacy. To quickly describe how a VPN works, it really has to do with encrypting all of your web activity. We are necessarily identified by the so-called IP address, and this address is unique and assigned to a device, so it is easy by restoring your data to see all your activities on the web. The advantage of using a VPN is that you will pass through a remote server (another IP address), so it will be impossible for you to bind the activated to your own unique IP address. So you will be invisible and untraceable to any entity or person wishing to recover your data.

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Advantages of VPN Mode on Samsung Galaxy A31

We start by showing the advantages of having a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A31:

  • Maintain your privacy: As you have been told, going through another IP address will prevent anyone from recovering your data. So you will be free to do whatever you want on the net.
  • Access content that is not available in your country: Most of the time, by going through a VPN, you will be able to choose which country the IP address you are going through is located. So you will be able to choose any country. It is really interesting when you are abroad and you want to watch TV shows in France for example. Indeed, in most cases, the multimedia content offered by TV channels on the Internet is available only in the country of origin.
  • Prevent public Wi-Fi networks from recovering your data: When you connect to a public network, you will inevitably accept the collection of your data. Via VPN, the network will not be able to associate it with your IP address.

Disadvantages of installing a VPN on Samsung Galaxy A31

We now move on to some of the disadvantages of using a VPN with your Samsung Galaxy A31. In fact, even if a VPN is very interesting to ensure your security on the web, it is nevertheless not perfect:

  • Activate and go to the app at the time of each use: You’ll have to use an app for your Samsung Galaxy A31, free or paid, but you’ll have to launch it every time you need to surf the internet.
  • Slow down your connection speed: Free VPN has a particularly slow “bandwidth”. This makes sense relatively since you will be going through a server located in another country. So the VPN can sometimes be disabled if you happen to want to watch video content for example.
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How to install a free VPN on Samsung Galaxy A31?

Now moving on to the practical part of this tutorial, we’ll show you first How to put a free VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A31. As you will understand, to access this security, you will have to go through a dedicated application. Free VPNs are not always the best performers, but they can actually encrypt your connection and protect your personal data. We have decided to introduce you to ProtonVPN. We chose it because we think it is the best free VPN deal. It has some great advantages of a free VPN for Samsung Galaxy A31. First, you will not have restrictions on data consumption, which is very rare for a free service. Also, you will not get any ads even in the free version. Finally, the application and its operation is very simple and adapted to Android:

  • Go to Play Store and download Proton VPN.
  • Installing the application.
  • Open the app and sign up.
  • Call and choose one of the three available countries from which you want to host your connection.
  • Take advantage of security to surf the web in peace.

How to put a paid VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A31?

Finally, we now turn to the operation view of Install a paid VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A31 . Like we told you, getting a really good service with a free VPN is complicated. Assuming that you really need to protect your privacy and that you will be using a VPN extensively, we advise you to consider a paid offer that will be more suitable for your use (better connection speed, no ads, more countries than available connections…). After testing several apps, we decided to show you the ExpressVPN offer. It has great advantages. In fact, you will have access to servers in more than 90 countries, connection speed that is almost the same as your connection without a VPN, application of amazing simplicity and the ability to set up your user profile to the smallest detail. Find out how to put a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A31 below!

  • Go to the Play Store and download ExpressVPN.
  • Install the app on your Samsung Galaxy A31.
  • Open the application and register and create your user account after selecting your subscription level. This ranges from 6€ per month to 12€ per month depending on the duration of the commitment.
  • Log in to the application.
  • Select the country where you want to host your connection and take advantage of your secure network.
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