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How to send an email without being tracked

How to send an email without being tracked


Sending an email is one of the easiest things to do on a PC, and we rarely stop to think about what the process involves, or any potential security issues that may arise. Using a standard email provider such as Gmail or Yahoo! It may sound like a great idea, but in reality, while the service is great, your personal data may not always be protected or remain private. The email providers generate income from ads, and to personalize these ads to everyone they need to access your personal data to gain insight into things like browsing habits and online shopping trends. There are several different ways you can protect your data when sending email messages, and use security features to ensure that your mail cannot be traced, or that your personal information remains safe.

Use a VPN to send email

Sending emails through a VPN server is a surefire method of anonymity and many VPN service providers will have email features that you can take advantage of. Instead of sending your emails using your IP address, the VPN will assign you a different IP address, which means that the email sender cannot really be identified. VPN providers also have great security and encryption features to ensure your email data remains unaltered and private.

Features – Added security features, highly secure and true anonymity. Disadvantages – possible associated fees.

Use an anonymous email service

After the tested method of using a VPN, there are also providers that offer anonymous email services with additional encryption features. There are also providers that offer destructible email services that are temporary where emails are deleted after a certain period of time. While these types of services require registration, they will provide you with anonymous email services that are difficult to trace, using different methods of encryption and things like the Tor network to hide your information.

Advantages – Most of them have encryption features and are free. Disadvantages – limited functionality, unreliable service.

Send emails without registration

When using an email provider, you will have to register an account and enter your personal data like name, address and even contact number – this does not give you any privacy and allows easy tracking of your emails. There are some companies and programs that allow you to send emails without this prior registration. Basically, this is a detailed contact form similar to what you’ll find on most commercial websites – just enter the recipient’s email address, subject and email text and hit send – there you have it, it’s a simple and easy way to send an anonymous email.

Advantages – ease of use, and emails sent cannot be tracked. Disadvantages – There is no way to receive return emails without disclosing the details.

As you can see, it is very easy to send emails without being tracked and with an advanced level of security; Using a VPN is the most reliable method and it can also have other uses like surfing the web anonymously or streaming online, the other methods mentioned have their advantages as well, but the options are there.

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