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How to set up a VPN connection on Samsung Tablet

How to set up a VPN connection on Samsung Tablet


How to set up a VPN connection on Samsung Tablet

With the help of VPN feature provided in android OS, administrators and users can create client/server VPN setup using android device as VPN client and connect to VPN server which may be anywhere around the world.
In order to setup vpn client in android device, device must be protected either by PIN or password without which users cannot start vpn client setup.

Once the prerequisites are met, the following steps can be followed to set up the VPN client on your Android device:

  1. ■ On the tablet, tap the app drawer icon from the home screen.

    ■ From the displayed icons, tap Settings.

    ■ open Settings window, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled for the device.

    ■ Once verified, tap More settings from the right part.

    ■ From the left pane, tap VPN Selection.

    ■ In the opened window, click Add a VPN.

    ■ In the open box, fill in the fields with the correct values, then click Memorizes button.

    ■ Once this is done, a VPN connection can be established using the VPN client setup that was created.

Noticeable: Using VPN setup on any Android or non-Android device requires a fully secured infrastructure to prevent unwanted data theft or accidental data loss. If you are using your tablet or mobile phone as a VPN client, make sure that your device has the proper security tools installed, and that it is well protected from hackers or virus attacks.

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