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How to set up a VPN on iPhone SE

How to set up a VPN on iPhone SE


If you want to know how to set up a VPN for your iPhone SE, we will explain below how you can do it very easily. The main reason why you would want to set up a VPN or Virtual Private Network on your iPhone SE is to allow a secure and private connection when connecting instead of using a public network that puts data and information at risk when using the public network.

Another reason you might want to set up a VPN on iPhone SE is that you may need to configure the VPN to access or send work emails on your iPhone for security reasons. You will need to set up a VPN on iOS 9 so that you can secure all the content and data going in and out of your iOS device. The VPN works over Wi-Fi and cellular data connections.

For questions about what kind of protocols iOS supports, check out iOS Supported Protocols for VPN.

How to set up a VPN on iPhone SE:

  1. Turn on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings > General > VPN.
  3. Select “Add VPN Configuration”.
  4. Ask your network administrator what settings to use. In most cases, if you set up a similar VPN on your computer, you can use the same settings on your device.
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You can also check out Apple Support Page Guide To see what configuration to use when you go to setup VPN on iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Turn VPN “On” or “Off”

After you’ve set up a VPN on iOS 9, you have the option to turn the VPN on or off from the Settings page on your Apple device. When connected using a VPN, the VPN icon appears in the status bar.

If you have a VPN setup on iOS 9 with multiple configurations, you can easily switch configurations on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by going to Settings > General > VPN and changing between VPN configurations.

Get help on how to set up a VPN on iPhone SE:

If you have problems setting up a VPN on your iPhone SE or you can’t connect to your VPN, or if you see an alert that says “Shared secret is missing,” your VPN settings may be incorrect or incomplete. If you have questions about what your VPN settings are or what your shared secret key is, you should contact your network administrator or IT department.

To learn more about VPN, contact iPhone Business Support or visit iOS IT صفحة page or Apple iOS Developer Library.

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