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How to set up NordVPN on Nvidia Shield (2021)

How to set up NordVPN on Nvidia Shield (2021)


Whether you’re a media buff, a gaming enthusiast, or a casual streamer, the Nvidia Shield TV family has something for each of you. Nvidia Shield takes performance to the next level. It has been perfectly designed and engineered to be the centerpiece of your entertainment.

To bypass geo-restricted content around the world and improve the functionality of Nvidia Shield, you can pair it with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). NordVPN can be used to go online anonymously to enjoy a secure streaming experience and allow you to watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

How to install NordVPN on Nvidia Shield

You can simply download and install the NordVPN app from the Google Play Store of Nvidia Shield As discussed in these simple steps mentioned below.


NordVPN offers subscription packages for almost all available device operating systems, including Android TV. Having an Android TV is a must because the Nvidia Shield is an Android TV device and therefore works with the Google Play Store. So, you can easily set up NordVPN on Android TV.

Set up NordVPN on Nvidia Shield

NordVPN can be set up on your Nvidia streaming device in two ways. the The first method is to directly install the VPN service on your streaming device. the The second is to use the router as an intermediary. The router has a VPN, and the device connects to the router. This indirectly gives Nvidia Shield and other connected devices pure access to NordVPN’s installed functions.

Setting up NordVPN via the app

Just like any other app, setting up this one is not a difficult task as NordVPN has a very user friendly interface in terms of navigation and design. You can go right away. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the downloaded NordVPN on Nvidia Shield TV.
  2. if I were New user You must create an account. If you already have an account, enter your login details and Participation
  3. To connect automatically, simply click speed dial.
  4. You can also select any of the country buttons below all countries Menu and quickly connect to a server from this country.
  5. Within the list of specialized servers, you can find P2P, Opaque, Dedicated IP, Dual VPN, And Onion over VPN Server classes.
  6. Under the Settings menu, you can find other app settings, such as CyberSec, Determine VPN protocol, Allow local network discovery, set Dedicated DNS.
  7. In the Trusted apps sectionYou can add specific apps to bypass VPN connection, also known as split tunneling.

Setting up NordVPN via a physical router

Alternatively, you can also set up NordVPN on your physical router and use it on the Nvidia Shield. Follow these steps below to get started:

  1. Enter the login details of the router to sign in And start the setup process.
  2. to me Configuration settingsSee the manufacturer’s manual. For NordVPN to work on your router, the router must support OpenVPN as a “client” instead of a “server” so you can connect to NordVPN’s servers. NordVPN themselves recommend setting up any DD-WRT and Tomato compatible routers with this VPN service.
  3. Testing Range router after the configuration is completed. You can always adjust your configuration settings according to your preference. Once you get the best output, you can easily use NordVPN on Nvidia Shield.

Why should you use NordVPN with Nvidia Shield?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use NordVPN with Nvidia Shield and other devices:

  1. Large server network: NordVPN has an extensive server database with more than 5500 servers in a 59 countries. This gives you the luxury of choosing from multiple servers abroad.
  2. the speedNordVPN has super fast servers. So you can stream your favorite games endlessly in 4K quality from Nvidia without compromising on speed.
  3. high protection: also used AES-256 encryption No feasible attack has been known to break this encryption.
  4. Privacy: In addition to a no-logs policy, NordVPN offers an automatic kill switch and leak protection to help you stay anonymous at all times. The Kill Switch works automatically and blocks all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops.
  5. opening forceNordVPN comes with an excellent unblocking ability because it works with all major streaming platforms and can help you bypass internet restrictions. NordVPN also works with Netflix.
  6. simultaneous connections: With NordVPN, you can connect Nvidia Shield along with other devices as it allows 6 multiple logins. NordVPN has an excellent and easy to use user interface.
  7. Live Customer Support: It 24/7 customer support The service allows you to receive real-time solutions to any issue you may encounter when using NordVPN.


Armed with Nvidia Shield, NordVPN gives you first-class service. The above installation methods will guide you through the process of setting up NordVPN on your Nvidia Shield TV in quick and easy steps so that you can enjoy a great streaming experience.

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