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How to setup Kodi Android TV Box

How to setup Kodi Android TV Box


How to setup Kodi Android TV Box? In this article, you will find the steps to setup Kodi Android TV Box and how to install Kodi Addons.

You may have heard of Kodi at this point (which is why you are here) but you may not really understand how useful it is and how easy it is to configure. Well, I’m here to help, so just carry on; In the end, you will have everything you need to know to configure a TV Box that does everything you need!

There have been major crackdowns over the past few months on illegal broadcasting. This is due to ISPs blocking users from accessing streaming websites, causing Kodi errors and streams not opening or pausing constantly.

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But, before getting into the topic of how to setup kodi android tv box, let’s talk a little bit about Kodi and Android TV Boxes.

What is Kodi & Android Box?

While I assume you already know what these are, just in case let’s give you a quick review. Android Boxes runs on Google’s Android operating system and has access to the Google Play Store. It’s available from quite a few different sellers and websites – but I recommend you take a look at it Best Android TV Boxes Because they have some good modules available with Kodi pre-installed.

Kodi is an entertainment hub – it allows you to connect to your local network and stream content you’ve already saved and stored, but also allows you (through the use of add-ons) to stream TV and movies directly to your TV. And satellite companies and their exorbitant bills!

If you don’t know how to use Kodi, here is the most complete Kodi guide to get started.

Set up kodi android tv box

Now you know what is Kodi and what is Android TV Box, let’s start from the beginning by connecting Android TV Box to a TV and then install kodi addons.

How to connect Android Box to TV?

By following these steps, this is really easy:

  1. Android boxes come with an HDMI cable and all you really have to do is plug that cable directly into your TV. If your TV does not support HDMI, you can easily buy an HDMI to AV converter online or at your local electronics store.
  2. Plug the included power adapter into your Android TV and turn it on using the supplied remote control.
  3. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to connect to your home WiFi or use a wired Ethernet connection for a better viewing and viewing experience. If you don’t get any wifi screen, just go to settings -> wifi to connect to your home wifi.
  4. Click on the Kodi option on your screen and follow the steps below to start enjoying free content like movies, TV shows, live TV channels, and more!

Addons and Kodi

Now, in this article on how to setup kodi android tv box, let’s talk about the most important thing – add-ons. Installing add-ons can seem daunting to anyone the first time it’s done. However, it’s really a simple matter of doing a few steps (which will become very familiar over time) in sequence.

A really good video guide is available at the link below. Start with that first because it will show you what I’m going to do.

The basic instructions for installing the addon are as follows:

1- Configure Unknown Sources

Since these add-ons are not on the Play Store, you need to make sure that you allow your Android box the ability to install them.

  1. Open Kodi and go to File order menu It can be accessed through a gear-shaped icon in the upper left corner.
  2. go to System Setting > Plugins And click on the option labeled Unknown sources so that it is determined. Once you have installed all the add-ons you want, you can always go back and remove this fund.

2- Protect yourself online

Before we get into too much detail about some of the suggested add-ons, that’s approx An absolute necessity, is a VPN. A VPN acts like a tunnel between your device and the destination server. this tunnel Helps keep you anonymous; This ensures that your ISP does not throttle your bandwidth Based on ever-changing government regulations.

However, while anonymity is a big plus, Another factor to consider when using a VPN is its ability to unlock geo-blocked content. This sounds complicated, but let me make it easier… Netflix has a specific catalog of shows available in the US, a different catalog in the UK, and another in Canada. Each country has specific standards about what can and cannot be shown in its region; Often these decisions are completely arbitrary. However, if you have the ability to unlock this through the use of a VPN, You will be able to access more content than you were previously able to access!

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3- Install the Kodi Repositories

Kodi add-ons are stored in repositories on different servers around the Internet. Once you find the repository containing the files, you will need to follow these instructions to install them on your system.

  1. first, Run a good VPN like IPVanish!. This is required to avoid your ISP blocking the repository and/or plugins.
  2. Refer to the order menu (Gear menu at top left) and go to File files manager. Choose add source By double clicking on the option.
  3. On this screen, tap the popup that reads <بلا> And write down the address of the warehouse (we’ll give that to you later). Give this source a logical name and then save it.

4- Install Kodi Addons

  1. Go back to the Kodi home screen and select a file Add-ons Section – This is an icon that looks like an open box.
  2. Choose Install from zip file; Then go to the repository you are interested in and double click on it. Wait for the completion message.
  3. Go back one step and select Install from repository Then inside the repository find the extension you are interested in. Double-click this add-on to install it and wait for the completion message.
  4. Some add-ons will require additional configuration (eg usernames and passwords) – you can do this from the configuration screen. You can find all the video add-ons in the Video Add-ons section of the Kodi home screen.

Some of the best add-ons

There are a lot of different plugins available (with a bunch of different repositories). Some are better for movies while others are better for TV and some are better suited to sports. The best thing about Kodi is that you are not restricted; You can actually install as many or as few add-ons as you need, to get the programming you care about most.

We have created a list of some of the best Kodi addons that you should start with.

It is important that you return to this list frequently because while the positive of Kodi are the many add-ons available, the downside is that they sometimes stop working! We will keep the list as up-to-date as possible to ensure you always have the newest and best.

My appendix is ​​not flowing properly

Now, in the article on how to setup kodi android tv box, let’s talk about some of the difficulties you may encounter and how to solve them.

In some cases, the perfectly working add-ons do not work on your device and you receive error messages. This problem is often due to geo-locked contents (If you remember I explained this earlier) and you are trying to watch a program or access content that is not accessible in your area.

To correct this problem, you must have a VPN in place. I have explained what it is previously and at a very high level how it works, but most problems of this kind can be resolved by installing a VPN on your Kodi box. We will always recommend IPVanish Especially with the discount we were able to get, but even if you don’t go along with them, You should really make sure you have a VPN on your Kodi box.

IPVanish just might be Fastest VPN Provider There, and you need the fastest possible streaming speed. There are free VPNs, but they use slow servers hence the streams are constantly cached. With IPVanish, you will get the best VPN experience available at the most competitive rates.

Are VPNs legal?

Yes, it is completely legal, and you have the right to remain anonymous.

Get the most out of Kodi with IPVanish:

  • Release geo-targeting To access any content no matter where you are
  • Bypass any censorship Developed by websites or streaming providers
  • Stay really anonymous When streaming content to your Kodi device

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We hope this article on how to setup kodi android tv box was helpful. If so, please rate it and share it with your friends.

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