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How to setup PROXYCHAINS in Kali-Linux by Terminal | by HEYNIK | CyberXERX

How to setup PROXYCHAINS in Kali-Linux by Terminal

Proxykins It is an open source software for linux It comes pre-installed with Kali Linux, the tool redirects TCP connections through proxies such as TOR, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) and allows us to connect the proxy servers. with strings, We can mask the IP address of source traffic and evade identity detection systems and firewalls.

To set up proxychains you will first need the tor service, most of the time the service is pre-installed. To check if a Tor service is available or not just use this command.

First switch to root user

sudo -i

Type your password and enter, you are now a root user. so write,

root @kali: ~# service or satos

If you get this result, that means TOR It is not installed in your system and does not work,

It means that TOR is installed and running in your system.root @kali: ~# apt-get install tor

We’ve already installed Tor before so there will be a difference in implementation. If you get any error while doing this, update, upgrade, reboot, and do it again.

If TOR is installed successfully, start the TOR service.

root @kali: ~# start service

Now to check the status of the TOR service.

root @kali: ~# Tor service status

ctrl + c to cancel.

Note: If you want to stop the TOR service, type Service stopped

After installing the Tor service, we now need to configure proxy chains. To do this use the following command.

Note: You must be in ROOT USER. If you do not switch to root.

root @kali: ~# nano /etc/proxychains.conf

You see this type of file in the terminal. You will see “#” which means bash language comments. If there is no ‘#’ hash then it works by default. Or if we remove the ‘#’ hash, that means we want to run this. You can use the arrow keys to scroll down and up, read the content of the file, and make the following changes as you need.

As you can see in this there are three types of drive chains: 1) dynamic 2) strict 3) random

We will use a dynamic string,

  1. Removal dynamic chain from the comment
  2. comment strict chain And random string
  1. Removal DNS proxy from the comment
  2. Also, remove Proxy DNS Requests – No DNS Data Leak from the comment

Tips: Here remove DNS proxy and no DNS data leak, helps you to completely hide your identity.

3. Now type Socks 5 9050 On the last line of the proxy list.

Now just type save by Ctrl + o And Enter To exit the file Ctrl + X, Now exit Terminal. Proxies setup complete.

Tips: here, stockings It is an Internet protocol that routes packets between a server and a client using a file agent server. The socks4 and socks5 are the socks type.

127.0. 0.1 is ip loopback (IP) Tabuk Also referred to as localhost.

9050 is the port number and by default, Tor listens on this port for the socks proxy.

Now restart your device,

To start proxy chains, first restart the tor service and then run proxychains in Firefox using a link to a specific search engine like bing, duckduckgo. Use the following commands:

root @kali: ~# Restart the service

right Now,

root @kali: ~# Proxylene Firefox

After running the following commands, Firefox and . will be launched will not load. When you run the command you should not get any error and bing should load. Please also close all Firefox tabs before executing the commands.

You can see that after proxy strings are implemented bing Loaded with some other languages. Now let’s do a DNS leak test by searching for a DNS leak test and opening any website that offers the same thing.

You can see that my site has now changed from India to Germany and the good thing is that the proxy chains keep changing my IP address dynamically without leaking my DNS. So that provides good anonymity.

If you want to see a different result, you can close Firefox and wipe the device, Restart the Tor service And Once again launch proxychains You will see some different results in the DNS Leak Test as shown below:

This is the result we got after restarting the Tor service. Now if you are facing any issues just comment.

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