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How to use a VPN on Google Chrome

How to use a VPN on Google Chrome


According to multiple online reports, these days India is facing a lot of cyber attacks. Hackers and attackers are becoming more and more creative in planning and creating these cyber attacks. People have become victims of ransomware, spyware, worms, and viruses that can extract information from Internet users.

A VPN, a virtual private network, provides a safer mode for people to browse the web safely. Provides privacy and data security. A VPN hides your computer’s IP address and where you are. All websites you visit will see the VPN IP address instead of your own IP address.

A VPN also protects your internet traffic by encrypting data and does not allow anyone to spy on you.

Here’s how to add and enable a VPN extension to your Google Chrome browser:

Open Google Chrome browser.


Click the Apps icon in the bookmarks bar.


Click Web Store.


Find a VPN in the online store.


Click on the VPN you want to download and click on add to chrome.


Click Add Extension when prompted.


Click VPN on the extension bar and start the VPN.

Article by Aaditya Surya Vedantam


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