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How to use a VPN on Samsung Galaxy J7 2017?

How to use a VPN on Samsung Galaxy J7 2017?


You want to access certain websites or even simply hide information while browsing the Internet. Using a VPN on Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 helps protect personal information and browsing data. In this article, we will remind you of VPN interests but also guide you in choosing a VPN for your Android phone and thus Samsung Galaxy J7 2017.

What is the use of a VPN on an Android smartphone?

VPN or Virtual Private Network It will be software that helps protect your identity and information when you are online. Your GPS will not be visible. VPNs will be used for several reasons:

  • Encrypt the data you send over the Internet : A VPN will hide information about you so that no one can see what you’re watching online or retrieve data
  • Hide your IP address: There are restrictions in a number of countries that prevent users from going to any website. Changing the IP address of your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 allows you to move around without restrictions and in peace.

How to install and setup VPN on Samsung Galaxy J7 2017?

It will be one of the web browsers that provide built-in VPN opera . To install a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, you will need to download and install the VPN app. We will quote a few of them to you. Using and configuring a VPN will be very easy. You will be guided step by step through the application during the first use. Normally, you will just have to create an account and then connect to a server or country in order to activate the VPN.

Express VPN, VPN app for Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

ExpressVPN will be a virtual private network that secures personal data on the Internet. This app requires a subscription purchase. The advantage of this subscription is that this VPN will be usable on your phone, tablet or laptop. You will have access to any type of high-speed content from your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. Your connection to WiFi hotspots will be protected.

NordVPN, VPN App for Android

NordVPN will be the VPN app for your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. This VPN also requires a subscription. NordVPN will encrypt your internet connection, which will therefore be faster and more private. The speed of the servers makes it their main asset. It will be usable on all your devices. You will be able to hide your IP address and your situation.

ProtonVPN, Free VPN for Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

ProtonVPN is a free VPN for Android. There are not many free VPNs available. There will also be no advertising offers. ProtonVPN will encrypt the data. You don’t have to introduce yourself. Free VPN only allows one device to be connected. You can access paid features if needed, such as various high speed servers. You have support for file sharing or torrenting. ProtonVPN is sometimes blocked in a number of countries such as China, UAE, and Iraq.

The VPN is directly integrated into your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

This method will be a bit more difficult for those who are new to VPNs. You can access Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 settings, then in Connections and then in More connection settings finally click on VPN. So you can add a VPN profile. Obviously, this method is not very secure and stable. It would rather be intended for knowledgeable users.

If you want more information about the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, you can explore the other articles in the category: Samsung Galaxy J7 2017.

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