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HP launches new laptops and workstations with built-in malware protection

HP launches new laptops and workstations with built-in malware protection


In an effort to better protect its users from today’s growing cyber threats, HP has introduced a number of new laptops and workstations that have HP Sure Sense technology built in.

HP Sure Sense uses deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to detect malware in real time and the technology can even detect malware that hasn’t been seen before.

In addition to detecting and preventing zero-day threats, Sure Sense also uses behavioral detection to prevent ransomware activity with minimal impact on system performance.

Andy Rhodes, Global Head of Business Personal Systems at HP, explained in a press release how the company’s new hardware helps build the office of the future while simultaneously empowering IT departments, saying:

β€œTo achieve a culture of innovation, companies everywhere focus on increasing employee engagement and satisfaction, and the technology they deploy plays an important role. We help companies build the offices of the future by delivering superior technology experiences that empower and delight today’s workers, while providing the next generation of IT departments with the security of the next generation. endpoints to face tomorrow’s threats with confidence.”

New laptops and workstations

In addition to Sure Sense, new HP laptops and workstations will include brighter displays, wireless Wi-Fi 6 and new processors from Intel.

The HP EliteBook x360830 G6 is the world’s brightest convertible business laptop according to the company and can even be viewed clearly outdoors.

For users who need the fastest network speeds, the HP EliteBook 800 G6 Series is the first business laptop with up to Gigabit-class 4G LTE that will provide improved connectivity and even long-range mobility thanks to the inclusion of a SIM card slot.

HP also introduced the HP Zbook 14u and 15u for power users who don’t want to compromise on performance, connectivity, and security.

HP Sure Sense is expected in May, and if the technology succeeds in blocking malware and ransomware, we’ll likely see other manufacturers follow suit.

via VentureBeat

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