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Install Bitdefender VPN for Android on smartphones and tablets

Install Bitdefender VPN for Android on smartphones and tablets


The easiest way to install Bitdefender VPN on Android is to get it from the Google Play Store. You can also install the Bitdefender VPN app through your online account – Bitdefender Central. Bitdefender Central is a central platform for managing all Bitdefender products and services. Here, you can activate your Bitdefender subscription using the activation code purchased or received as a gift, and install Bitdefender on any device. For more information, read – What is Bitdefender Central and how to use it.

1. Launch a web browser, visit and log in to your Bitdefender Central account.

2. Tap the menu in the upper-left corner of the Bitdefender Central page, then select My Devices.

3. In the My devices section, click ⊕ Install Bitdefender products on your devices.

4. Choose “VPN” in the selection screen.

5. At this point, if you have accessed Bitdefender Central from the Android smartphone or tablet on which you want to install the VPN, click on This Device. You will be redirected to Google Play. If you access Bitdefender Central from another device, click Other Devices. You can then email a download link to your Android device.

6. In both scenarios, you will be redirected to Google Play. Click the “Install” button to download and install Bitdefender VPN on Android.

7. Once the download is complete, open the Bitdefender VPN app. Check the small box and select Continue after reading and agreeing to the Subscription Agreement.

8. Then log in to your Bitdefender Central account using your username and password.

9. At this point, if your Bitdefender Premium VPN subscription is not active in your central account, you can either:

• Choose the free version of Bitdefender VPN by clicking “Skip” in the upper right corner or by selecting the trial version. You benefit from a daily 200MB quota included with Bitdefender VPN for free (or 500MB with Bitdefender Small Office Security subscriptions).

• Upgrade to Bitdefender Premium VPN by purchasing a premium VPN subscription from the available offers. With Bitdefender Premium VPN, you will enjoy unlimited traffic and a VPN server of your choice. Learn how to upgrade your Bitdefender VPN subscription from Free to Premium VPN on Android.

10. To complete the installation, enable VPN protection. When you get to the Bitdefender VPN main screen, click the power button to connect.

11. Allow the connection request by clicking OK. After a short wait, Bitdefender VPN will connect.

our end! Bitdefender VPN app has been successfully installed on your Android device.

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