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Is it safe to renew your IP address?

Is it safe to renew your IP address?


In general, it is safe to release and renew your IP address. In most cases, you will get the same IP address you just issued. To learn more about IP addresses, read…..

In most cases, your workstation’s IP address is assigned via a server that is tasked with keeping track of how many workstations have IP addresses and for how long. This server is called a DHCP server and gives the exact number of workstations it is allowed to give IP addresses to and for how long a workstation can have the assigned IP address. If you are allowed to give 100 IP addresses and you are the 101st applicant, you will not get an IP address until one is available. But this is rare because the DHCP server is generally given permission to give more IP addresses than expected applicants.

IP addresses are like postal addresses, they only work on networks. Your postal address is unique to you and allows you to send and receive regular mail. IP addresses are similar in that when you order something from a website your unique IP address is the return address to your workstation. The website you sent a request to will send the requested information back to your workstation via your unique IP address.

The two most common types of IP addresses are “private” and “public” IP addresses. Private IP addresses are only used on local area networks (LANs). LAN is a group of computers (workstations) that share a common network using a special addressing scheme. Private LAN IP addresses are not allowed on the Internet, a wide area network (WAN) because private IP addresses are not routable addresses, which means they cannot be routed over the Internet. LAN connection to the Internet via routers that have a public IP address and public routable IP addresses which means they are allowed on the Internet. There are too many workstations (such as a home computer) globally to give all workstations public routable IP addresses, so generally only routers and other simulators have public IP addresses. All private IP addresses on the local network, even if it is only one workstation on the local network, will be converted by the router to the public IP address assigned to the router before it goes out on the Internet. This way, the website request will be sent over the internet by the router even though a private IP address is assigned to the workstation.

If you have the DHCP server option turned on either in the switch or router you’re using to connect to the Internet (it’s usually turned on since this is the factory default for most switches and routers), you’ll usually get a private (dynamic) IP address that contains the first Three octets The first three in this IP address are like 192.168.0.XXX with a number from 1 to 254 instead of XXX in the last octet. The last octet (XXX) will differ depending on which computer you are getting the IP information from if you have multiple workstations on your local network. If for some reason your workstation has a configured IP address other than 192.168.0.XXX, you may have a privately assigned (static) IP address or an IP address (APIPA) assigned automatically by your operating system.

You can search for more information about IP address on the internet and in this forum if I confused you…

However, if this post helps one person understand how IP addresses work, my efforts have been fulfilled….

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