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Is it worth buying a lifetime VPN subscription? – TechAcute

Is it worth buying a lifetime VPN subscription? – TechAcute

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For now, some of the best deals you’ll get will be on technology – whether it’s phones, cheap internet and VPNs, or even laptops and gaming systems that might previously have required serious cost-benefit analysis to even consider a purchase. These products are now a staple in our lives, and that means great things to you in terms of variety and pricing.

The rise in popularity of VPNs is not only due to this, but also due to the growing need for security by all categories of users. Cyber ​​security experts recommend setting up a VPN as the first step in securing your data and privacy. Their widespread use also leads us to flexible and affordable deals, even lifetime subscriptions that give you unlimited data and peace of mind for a one-time payment.

But what is a virtual private network, and why do I need it?

A VPN is simply a “virtual private network”. It bypasses your ISP’s servers (which can be tracked and connected to your site) in exchange for a secure server and the ability to access the internet from virtually anywhere.

This protects your identity from governments, trackers, and anyone who has an interest in your data, financial transactions, and browsing activity for any reason. It also frees you from “geo-blocking” as certain content or websites may not be available in your area.

A VPN frees you from all this and much more on your PC as it stops selling your data for profit, identity theft, and hacking. Everyone is exposed to these risks at all times, and a VPN is your only sure bet against any of them.

Services like Ivacy VPN now offer you a lifetime subscription, so let’s go ahead and take a look at whether or not it’s worth it.

A VPN for your lifetime

A good VPN can run you about $50 a year if you buy a rolling model. This allows you to pay month to month (or annually), but it will cost you more over a longer period if you add it up. Lots of services charge their customers this way – the “fee” marketed to you is a lower number, but the total amount you pay them is a lot more than the minimum you could pay.

A lifetime subscription bypasses all these tricks and gives you what you want, simple and straightforward. If you find the VPN that works for you, ticks all the boxes, and is here to stay, why wouldn’t you want to pay less for the same service and never worry about downgrading?

Is the commitment worth it?

The average lifetime subscription cost is less than half of what you would normally pay. A $20 payment, and that’s it. This often gives you less than a year with a good VPN. It sounds too good to be true, but it might as well be.

Like the downside to a free VPN, the same general rule applies here. Lots of third party providers claim to sell discounts and coupons for VPN services. It’s like the difference between a well-established bank and a shark. One might promise more flexibility and a lower rate, but your legal rights are close to non-existent and the primary purpose of a VPN, i.e. security – is at risk.

For example, a provider that offers a lifetime subscription through its own official channel is Ivacy VPN. With a VPN like Ivacy, there is no risk of the broker making a two-way deal with the provider and the user and giving you fewer benefits for more money. Ivacy offers a lifetime subscription that costs just $1 per month, with a 30-day return guarantee.

Are there any free options?

VPNs now come in a wide range of options, depending on your data needs and budget. In fact, protecting yourself online has never been more expensive – yes, even for free.

However, the advantage of the free service is that they still need to earn money. A VPN that pays for itself will act as free by restricting your connection and draining your data quickly. This will force you to rely on the VPN, which will then encourage you to upgrade to a paid option anyway to enjoy a normal speed connection.

Some of them may permanently confuse your internet settings, and what is the scariest possibility that a free VPN service is completely a scam. Always look for the most popular and well-known brands backed by publishers like CNET, Engadget, Lifehacker and the like.


Thus, it pays for your VPN. Each service provider worth their salt offers a wide range of payment options, deals and more exclusive features for more money. Premium services even include specialized servers for torrenting and gaming, and additional security features for citizens of dictatorships and governments that are happy to censor.

A lifetime subscription gives you all this plus completely annihilating your worries when it comes to making payments. It’s like paying for a bodyguard online and arming yourself and your internet with a fortress.

Image credit: Featured image “Private Label” was done by Dane Tobkin. Matthew Henry snapped this “Two Women Facing the Security Camera” photo. Patrick Hutchins recreated the image of “Man in a black shirt”.
Source: David Shepardson (Reuters) / Ivacy VPN review by VPNpro
Editorial notice: This article has been produced in collaboration with partners.

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