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Mobile Legends Map Hacks: How to Report Cheaters and Avoid Banning of Accounts

Mobile Legends Map Hacks: How to Report Cheaters and Avoid Banning of Accounts


With over half a billion downloads and over 75 million active players, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular mobile game especially in Southeast Asia.

Undoubtedly, popularity is a good thing for gamers as this means faster matchmaking for players, continuous development, and better customer support.

But the popularity has also caused problems in the game: hacking maps in Mobile Legends thrive and ruin the fun.

How does Mobile Legends work: Bang Bang map hack methods?

Map hack is a mod that mods Mobile Legends so that cheaters can access map related features and abilities in the game which are prohibited and not available to normal users.

In other words, a Mobile Legends map hack can show the location of enemies no matter how far they can be seen. Cheaters know where their enemies are even if the latter are using stealth, hiding in tall weeds, or other situations where they were meant to remain undetected.

Of course, cheaters are tempted to use map hacking so that they can get an unfair advantage over players who are not cheaters. Map hacks in Mobile Legends break the game balance and spoil the fun, competition and experience for players who play the game fair and square.

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Map hacks for the popular mobile game come in many forms, the most popular of which are plugins and scripts. Many need jailbroken iPhones or Android smartphones, but some map hacks work without jailbreaking or rooting.

What does Mobile Legends developer Moonton say about map hacking?

Moonton’s operations team stated that they adhere to a zero-tolerance policy. Any violation detected leads to a severe penalty, which includes termination of game accounts. According to the game’s Terms of Service, punishment is guaranteed with or without warning for “unlawful activity including, but not limited to, hacking, hacking, distributing counterfeit software, cheating or hacking”.

Can you try hacking Mobile Legends maps on a fake account?

If other players are cheating, why can’t you? Besides the ethical issues, cheating through map hacking is still against the game’s terms of services. So, you shouldn’t.

Even if you use a dummy account, Moonton will likely be able to identify and block your main account along with your dummy account. Note that according to the game’s privacy policy, the developers of Moonton have a record of information they can use to identify you and your account. This includes the IP address, MAC address of the device, device type, ID, etc.

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Do premium/paying players get a lower penalty?

The ban hammer is dropped on players regardless of their status – whether you’re a veteran player, make in-game purchases, have a popular broadcaster, or consistently rank as one of the top players – as long as you catch cheats and use map hacks.

The duration of the ban is determined by the severity of your violation, and there are no exceptions. In this regard, the players are all equal. So, even if you spend a large amount of money in the game, you risk losing all your progress and purchases if you are permanently banned.

Besides ban, what are the other risks when using Mobile Legends map hack?

Before we answer that, we have to ask: What drives map developers to cheat and exploit in the first place? Obviously, it’s all about the money. Several map hacks are available for purchase so that these illegal developers can directly benefit from their creations.

But, some of these developers have even more gruesome and hidden reasons for creating a map hack. While giving an unfair advantage to Mobile Legends cheats, map hackers may also have malicious code that can extract personal data, such as photos, messages, passwords and email addresses, such as photos, messages, passwords and email addresses, which can be sold to the black market and used to hack Social engineering. Thus, even if it claims to be free, hacking the MLBB map will likely come at a hidden cost.

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How do you report a player using Mobile Legends map hack?

If you suspect that a player is using a map hack, there are several ways for you to report the player:

  • When the match is over and the results appear, click the Report button (red with an exclamation point), select the offending player, select Use Cheats, add supporting details in the text area, and click Confirm.
  • Send a message to the official Facebook page for Mobile Legends.
  • If you are in the main menu of the game, click on the “Customer Support” button located to the right of your avatar. Faucet report or appeal, Faucet I want to report others for breaking the rules, and press Report a player using cheat.
  • Finally, tap Player Cheating Report Form. Fill in the required details and click Submit.

When reporting a player, always provide relevant details as possible. Take several screenshots or even record your gaming session. Include these proofs in your report.

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