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mobileXpression – FAQ

mobileXpression – FAQ

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What is the purpose of MobileXpression?

The goal of MobileXpression is to develop a better understanding of the trends and patterns affecting the mobile Internet. Just as TV uses ratings to determine the highest-rated and most-viewed programmes, MobileXpression uses knowledge of its members’ mobile Internet habits to determine the popularity and relevance of various websites and mobile applications. Companies can then use this market research to make informed decisions regarding their mobile marketing strategies.

Who can join MobileXpression?

All MobileXpression participants must be at least 18 years of age and able to enter into a binding agreement. You must also own or control a mobile phone or device compatible with MobileXpression and must be able to access the Internet from your mobile device.

I only access the internet from my mobile device sometimes. Can I still participate?

Yes, in order to accurately monitor mobile internet trends, it is important that all types of users participate in MobileXpression. As long as you have the ability to access the Internet from your phone, you are eligible to join the Search Committee and receive its member benefits.

I have verified that I am eligible to use MobileXpression and it says that my phone is not currently compatible. When will I be able to participate?

We are constantly working on adding more types of phones to our list of compatible devices. If you select Yes to receive a notification when your phone is compatible, we will contact you as soon as you are eligible to participate.

Why do you need my demographic information?

All of our reports are aggregated across multiple participating mobile consumers. We collect basic demographic information, such as age, gender, educational level, etc., so that we can describe the type of people who have different preferences and opinions about mobile communications on their mobile devices without disclosing any personal information. We also use this demographic information in our statistical projections of all mobile phone users. For example, information collected and aggregated from the 25- to 34-year-old men in our group is extrapolated to describe the preferences and opinions of all 25- to 34-year-old men in the US mobile phone user community.

Is your software monitoring my phone calls?

No, our search software does not monitor your phone calls, nor does it log the phone numbers that you call or that you call your phone. We never record or monitor your private chats or voicemails.

What does your research program do?

MobileXpression records and collects information about participants’ mobile data usage via an app, or if you’re using an iPhone, through a VPN connection. This may include messaging services, mobile web browsing activity, use of downloaded applications and files and their addresses, as well as use of cameras, video streaming, and other utilities on the mobile device. The Software may also collect information regarding the web pages you view, the links you access, and usage times for certain activities on the Device (for example, text messages, call lengths, and web browsing).

Maintaining the privacy of our team members is our number one priority. Therefore, we do not collect or display text or other personal content in any team member files including actual text content, email, instant messages, or image files downloaded or captured via camera on a phone, contact, or address book entries. Or the calendar saved on the phone.

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How much space or memory does your program require?

For RIM, Android, and Windows Mobile users, phone memory requirements will vary depending on the phone model and software version. In general, it takes less than 100KB of memory to store the search program and 128KB of storage for the collected data before it is encrypted and sent securely to MobileXpression’s servers. For iPhone users, the memory requirements are minimal for the configuration file and related VPN modules.

Will MobileXpression affect my phone’s performance?

For RIM, Android, and Windows Mobile users, MobileXpression should have no effect on phone performance.

For iPhone users, you may notice a very slight delay when connecting to the internet while the VPN is connected, but after that, the internet speed will not be affected. Additionally, some apps, such as the HBO Go and Cinemax Go apps, are not compatible with VPN settings and therefore will not be compatible with MobileXpression.

Why should I install the software on my mobile phone?

In order to make the process of collecting your mobile phone usage data very simple and accurate, MobileXpression has developed a special search software that is easy to install on your mobile phone. Participation in other types of consumer research among mobile phone users may require participants to complete lengthy surveys or telephone interviews about their preferences, or share their mobile phone billing data. However, by having the MobileXpression search software installed on your phone, you can participate without any inconvenience. With research software, the collection of mobile consumer preferences is very accurate and fast, allowing your opinions to be heard quickly by today’s mobile service decision makers.

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How long should I participate?

Participation in the MobileXpression community is voluntary. If at any time you decide to stop participating, you may do so at any time. Simply follow our uninstall instructions to cancel your participation.

Will participating in MobileXpression cost me anything?

For RIM, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm users: Depending on your data and messaging plan, you may or may not incur additional charges by participating in MobileXpression. You will receive a text message upon registration with MobileXpression which you may be charged for if you pay for individual text messages. Downloading the MobileXpression Software and any subsequent upgrades will incur the same fees that you would incur when visiting a website on your mobile phone. If you have unlimited access to data services and are not charged for browsing, these downloads should not incur any further fees. If you are using a data plan that charges you on a pay-as-you-go basis, the time taken to download the app may be charged to your account. The app is very small, so the fee should be limited. On an ongoing basis, MobileXpression uses your Internet connection to send data about your mobile phone activities to MobileXpression. If you have an unlimited data plan, you shouldn’t see any other charges, but users who pay for data on a pay-as-you-go basis will incur additional charges. You can log into your MobileXpression account at any time to see how much data has been sent from your phone.

For iPhone users: Downloading the MobileXpression Software and any subsequent upgrades will incur the same fees you would incur for visiting a website on your mobile phone. If you have unlimited access to data services and are not charged for browsing, these downloads should not incur any further fees. If you are using a data plan that charges you on a pay-as-you-go basis, the time taken to download the app may be charged to your account. The app is very small, so the fee should be limited.

How do I know if a program is installed?

For RIM, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm users: When the software is successfully installed on your phone or mobile device, you will see the MobileXpression icon on your phone screen. You will also receive an email letting you know that the download has completed. At any time, you will also be able to log into your MobileXpression account and view the status of your activity.

For iPhone users: MobileXpression installs a VPN profile on your phone. You can find this profile by going to ‘Settings’ then ‘General’ and you will find MobileXpression listed under ‘Profile’.

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Why did the VPN icon appear on my iPhone after I installed the MobileXpression profile?

In order to participate in MobileXpression, iPhone users are required to download a configuration file that allows your web traffic to pass through MobileXpression’s servers so that we can accurately collect mobile web data. This configuration file uses the VPN settings on your iPhone.

What if I have questions, comments, and/or problems?

If you have any questions, comments, or issues of any kind, including technical issues that you feel are related to MobileXpression, please email or text

Please note: MobileXpression’s commitment to quality customer service is a top priority. MobileXpression will make every commercial effort to respond to your questions or comments within the same business day. If a personal answer to a detailed question is required, MobileXpression will strive to respond to your questions or comments within two business days.

MobileXpression will not be able to answer your questions without a valid email address. We will not use your email address for any purpose other than to respond to your question.

Uninstall instructions:

Windows Mobile:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click More.
  • Click Remove Programs.
  • Click on “MobileXpression Meter” and select Remove.


  • Click “Home”.
  • Tap the upper right corner, or tap the dropdown menu.
  • Select Delete.
  • Scroll through the list of applications and search for MobileXpression Meter.
  • Click Delete.


  • Select the menu button
  • Go to the Applications folder
  • Select the MobileXpression icon
  • Press the option button
  • Select the removal option
  • Select Continue to confirm removal
  • Select OK to close other applications if prompted.
  • Switch to your browser and select Options and Exit to close your web browser to complete the uninstall process.

Black Berry

  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Options”
  • Choose “Advanced Options”
  • Click on “Applications”
  • Highlight “MobileXpression Meter” and press the “Menu” key. Click “Delete”
  • Your phone will prompt you to restart to complete the removal.


  • Press the “Menu” key.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Applications”
  • Select “Manage Applications”
  • Go to “MobileXpression Meter” and select it
  • Select “Uninstall” and “OK” to complete the process


  • go to settings”
  • select “general”
  • Click on MobileXpression Profile
  • Click on “Remove”
  • You will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove MobileXpression. Confirm your request and the profile will be removed.

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