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Need an antivirus for your Chromebook in 2022? actually yes.

Need an antivirus for your Chromebook in 2022? actually yes.


Ben Martins

Update in: January 1, 2022

Do you have a short time? Here is the best antivirus for Chromebook:

  • πŸ₯‡Norton Mobile Security: Powerful malware protection, advanced Wi-Fi security, anti-phishing protection, parental controls, a VPN with unlimited data, and more. Norton does not officially support Chrome OS, but its Android app works on Chromebooks (tested and confirmed in 2022).

Chromebooks have excellent built-in security features that help prevent malware infection, but Chromebooks are still not 100% secure. However, installing a quality antivirus on your Chromebook offers maximum security – and here’s why:

Chrome OS may keep viruses away from your device, but cybercriminals can still hack your personal information, steal your data, and hijack your online accounts in a number of ways, such as:

  • fake chrome extensions
  • Android apps scam.
  • Phishing sites for data theft.
  • Website trackers.
  • Unsecured public Wi-Fi.
  • data breaches.

Thousands of Chromebook users fall victim to these attacks every day, yet there are only a handful of companies that market Chromebook security apps. That’s because the best Chrome OS antivirus apps are actually Android apps And some Android security apps have super bugs on Chrome OS, so you have to be careful and make sure you select a good Android app.

After testing dozens of antivirus apps compatible with Chrome OS, I’ve found the best options for keeping Chromebooks secure in 2022. All the antiviruses in this article work perfectly with Chromebooks, have excellent app scanners, phishing protections, and unsecured Wi-Fi detection – Fi connections, and includes other security features like parental controls, virtual private networks (VPNs), data breach monitoring, and more.

A quick summary of the best antivirus software for Chromebook:

πŸ₯‡1. Norton Mobile Security – The Best Comprehensive Internet Security Suite for Chromebooks

Norton phone protection It is my favorite antivirus for Chromebooks It provides an excellent set of useful security tools, and is really easy to use. I have fully tested Norton mobile security Features, and it integrates well with Chrome OS. Norton comes with:

  • Application advisor.
  • Phishing protection.
  • WiFi monitoring.
  • Identity theft protection (US only).
  • VPN.
  • Parental control.

Norton Premium App Advisor analyzes apps and extensions for suspicious behavior before you download them. During testing, Norton flagged several unstable apps in the Google Play Store, including an ad blocker that was trying to track my location and an image editing app.

Norton’s anti-phishing protection also worked well, blocking unsafe phishing sites that Chrome’s built-in protection failed to detect. I also really like Norton’s identity theft protection, which includes dark web monitoring as well as monitoring live credit reports to detect identity theft.

However, I am not a huge fan of Norton’s VPN. While Norton Secure VPN includes great extra features like split tunneling and ad blockers and has fast speeds, it doesn’t allow torrenting, doesn’t work with Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming sites, and it logs your IP address.

Norton phone protection, Priced at €9.99/year, available for single downloads, but it’s a much better deal if you get the Norton mobile app as part of the low cost Norton 360 Deluxe Package. Norton 360 Deluxe It costs €29.99 per year, provides coverage for many desktop and mobile devices, and has a lot of features, including a VPN, a password manager, cloud storage, parental controls, and more. Norton backs all plans with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Norton phone protection Provides excellent protection against malicious apps, unsafe websites, and dangerous networks, and is 100% Chromebook compatible. – But I recommend Norton 360 Deluxe The plan, which includes coverage on multiple devices, offers more features and offers a better overall value. In my testing, Norton was able to report unsafe or suspicious apps to the Google Play Store more accurately than any other antivirus. Its Web Shield is also a huge improvement over Chrome’s built-in protections, and US users will love Norton’s Identity Theft Protection (not available outside the US), which provides real-time credit monitoring and direct assistance in the event of identity theft. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on all Norton plans.

Download Norton Now

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πŸ₯ˆ2. Bitdefender Mobile Security – Best Antivirus + VPN Protection on Chromebook

Bitdefender phone protection It offers excellent security features and has the fastest VPN on this list. In my testing, the Bitdefender App Scanner was able to accurately detect and remove any suspicious or unsafe apps, and the Autopilot feature was able to detect unsafe security settings and permissions on your Chromebook.

In addition to a good app scanner and autopilot, Bitdefender also has:

  • Phishing protection.
  • VPN.
  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Parental control.
  • Data breach monitoring.

Bitdefender’s Phishing Protection accurately detected phishing sites like Norton, spotting suspicious sites that browsers like Chrome and Firefox failed to report in my testing.

One of its best features is Bitdefender VPN. During the speed tests, I had blazing speeds for browsing, torrenting, and streaming HD videos from servers near and even far away. However, the free version of the VPN only offers 200MB of daily data and automatically picks the server closest to you – it’s not very good. Upgrade to a Bitdefender Paid VPN (available at Premium safety plan) that gives you unlimited data and access to 30 server locations around the world (but it doesn’t work with popular streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime).

Bitdefender also comes with good anti-theft features, strong parental controls, and data breach scanning All of these features worked smoothly on my Chromebook during testing. However, Bitdefender’s App Advisor can’t report unsafe apps to the Google Play Store (unlike Norton), and Bitdefender’s interface isn’t as intuitive as Norton.

But Bitdefender is still one of the best apps for Chromebook. the phone protection The app is available at Comprehensive Security (€24.00 per year) and Premium safety (59.99€/year) – Both cover multiple devices and come with all Bitdefender security features like app scanner, autopilot, anti-phishing, VPN and more. Bitdefender has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions.


Bitdefender has an excellent Android app and offers a lot of great internet security features for Chromebook users. Bitdefender Malware Scanner scored 100% on my device scan and real-time protection test, and its autopilot feature is great for fixing unsafe device settings. I also like Bitdefender’s VPN, but the free version only offers 200MB of data usage per day – you get unlimited data by upgrading to a paid VPN, available at Premium safety plan. Bitdefender comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download Bitdefender now

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Total sum It provides very good security protection for Chromebooks in a very user friendly interface. I really like TotalAV’s dark color scheme, and its streamlined design makes it very easy to find and access all of its features, including:

  • Application Monitor.
  • Phishing protection.
  • Safe browser.
  • VPN.
  • locker app.
  • Data breach monitoring.

Real-time App Monitor helps protect against malicious apps and extensions, including rogue apps that wait until after installation to change their behavior and compromise security.In my testing, TotalAV gave me instant notifications about unsafe browser extensions in Chrome as well as about unsafe data collection apps from the Google Play Store. In addition, TotalAV’s anti-phishing protection was able to detect a surprising number of phishing sites.

VPN by TotalAV is my favorite antivirus with VPN It includes excellent security features, very fast speeds (but not as fast as Bitdefender), allows unlimited data, supports P2P traffic, and can access streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and more.

Unfortunately, TotalAV doesn’t come with Norton’s Wi-Fi monitoring or comprehensive identity protection, and I wish TotalAV could offer the same autopilot and parental controls as Bitdefender.

All three TotalAV plans include an Android app and work with Chromebooks. Total Antivirus Pro It’s the cheapest plan – it costs €19.00 per year and covers up to 3 devices, but it doesn’t include a VPN. the Internet Security The plan costs €39.00 per year and offers the best value – you get coverage for 5 devices and a VPN without restrictions. Total Comprehensive Security The plan adds 6 devices, an ad blocker and a password locker for €59.00 per year. TotalAV backs every plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


TotalAV provides good security for Chromebooks within a really easy-to-use interface. I like the app’s real-time screen, and the anti-phishing protection is much better than the one built in Chrome. TotalAV also comes with an app locker, secure browser, and data breach monitoring. I also really like TotalAV’s VPN, which allows unlimited data, is very secure, very fast, works with all the popular streaming services and supports torrenting. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all TotalAV plans.

Download TotalAV now

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Avira Free Security Antivirus It is a good free security solution for Chromebooks. Avira’s free Android app offers an impressive array of useful features, including:

  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Application privacy checker.
  • VPN (100MB daily limit).
  • app lock.
  • Data breach scanner.
  • Wi-Fi Scanner.
  • Device optimizer.

Avira’s privacy scanner analyzed all the apps on my Chromebook and told me which ones had access to my contacts, photos, and browsing data. Although this isn’t as useful as Norton’s real-time app scanner, it’s still a useful way to improve privacy on your Chromebook.

I also like Avira’s data breach scanner, which can notify you if personal information is leaked in a data breach β€” it’s not as useful as Norton’s identity theft protection (which scans credit reports and the darknet for live identity monitoring), but it’s still pretty good.

While Avira is a great free antivirus, it is not as good as paid competitors like TotalAV, Bitdefender, and Norton. You need to upgrade to Avira’s paid plan if you want anti-phishing protection, a secure password manager, and a VPN with unlimited browsing data. You can have Avira premium app with Avira President The package, which costs 59.95 euros per year and provides coverage for up to 5 devices, including Android, Windows, macOS and iOS.


Avira offers a lot of good security and privacy features for free. The privacy scanner flags a lot of suspicious app activity, and I love its data breach scanner, which gives notifications if any of your personal data is leaked to the public. Upgrade to Avira paid plan (Avira PresidentA good option for users who are looking for a good bulk password manager, VPN with unlimited data, anti-phishing protection, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Avira paid plans.

Download Avira now

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Malwarebytes does not provide as many additional features as the competitors in this…

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