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Networking – How to Install and Setup IPSec Exclusive VPN in Ubuntu 20.04?

Networking – How to Install and Setup IPSec Exclusive VPN in Ubuntu 20.04?


Reading this thread, I was able to connect to the “Fortigate IKEv1 IPSEC Mobile Client Standard Fortigate IKEv1 IPSEC VPN”.

It works with the following parameters if the VPN was created using the wizard in Fortigate (and no specific adjustment was made)

So, by following this if you are running Linux, it is easy for you to connect the standard VPN for IPSEC mobile devices generated by Fortigate processor.

Can be used where Forticlient Linux is not usable (does not have an IPSEC tab for configuring mobile IPSEC access)

Thanks to Dusan Mijatovic for this previous post on this page.

Here’s how to configure:

Install network-manager-vpnc-gnome, network-manager-vpnc-kde, or network-manager-vpnc depending on your desktop (use yum, apt or any package manager for your distribution or build it from source)

  • Open your connection manager and add a new VPN connection
  • Select VPNC for VPN Connection Type
  • Give a name to your contact
  • Full portal, user and password
  • group name = “ipsec group id” = 0 (<= here you need to put 0)
  • group password = “ipsec psk” = yourpsk (<= put PSK here)
  • On the Advanced tab:
    • set tunnel interface name = myvpn-ike
    • Encryption method = secure (default)
    • NAT-TRAVERSAL = NAT-T if available (default)
    • DH IKE set = 5 dirhams set
    • PFS (Full Forward Secrecy) = 5 dirhams per group
    • local port = 0
    • Select Disable DPD (Tick Box)
    • Leave all other parameters blank or to their default values

Save the new connection and simply launch it from the desktop connection manager.

You may find a handshake error in the logs but it’s not a real problem, the connection works.

The error is: β€œ[7849]: [1176:1192:1022/] Handshake failure returned -1, SSL error code 1, net_error -202″

Hope this helps Linux user to connect FortiGate IPSEC mobile VPN automatically generated by Fortigate wizard. (FortiGate TAC support doesn’t help with this problem, they don’t know that there are differences between FortiClientVPN Windows and FortiClientVPN Linux)

It is considered

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