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New Features: The Safari extension is here

New Features: The Safari extension is here


Mac users, your day has come: NordPass is proud to present the Safari extension. You can now search and create new passwords without leaving the browser. The extension also allows you to automatically save and autofill passwords with a simple click. Set up the Safari browser extension now and enjoy a smoother password management experience. Here’s how.

How to set up NordPass Extension on Safari

  1. Get the Safari Extension:

    • For existing users: Update NordPass to the latest version, and go to step 2.

    • For new users: Download the NordPass app, create your account and go to step 2.

  2. From the menu bar, tap Safari, and then Preferences.

  3. Choose Accessories And NordPass extension.

  4. there, under Accessories section, you should see NordPass. To enable the extension, click on the checkbox.

  5. NordPass will automatically display the 4-digit pairing code. Click the NordPass logo in the Safari browser toolbar to check if the pairing codes match and then click Confirm. The process connects the extensions to your Safari browser.

  6. This is! NordPass extension has been added to your Safari browser. Look for the NordPass icon next to your URL bar.

What can I do with the NordPass extension?

  • Autosave login credentials. The browser extension will suggest you save or update them when you create a new account online or sign in to an old account that has not yet been saved in NordPass. You can do this with one click.

  • Autofill login credentials. The NordPass browser extension recognizes your favorite websites and offers you to fill in your login credentials. Similar to the autosave feature, all you need is one click – tap on the NordPass icon and fill in your login credentials.

  • Access your passwords, secure notes, and credit card details while browsing. You don’t need to leave the browser to search for your items. Simply click on the NordPass icon and use the search bar to find them.

  • Create new unique passwords. You probably already know that the more unique your password is, the more difficult it is to crack it. But how do you create one right away? When creating a new account, click the NordPass icon to create a strong password.

What other browsers and platforms does NordPass support?

Currently, you can add the NordPass extension to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari. You can also download files nord pass on your computer, tablet or phone, and use it offline. We believe you should be able to access your passwords whenever and wherever you need them.

Explore NordPass on other platforms.

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