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NordVPN for Android: Release Notes

NordVPN for Android: Release Notes


NordVPN 5.9.4

For a top-notch VPN experience, routine maintenance is just as important as a shiny new feature. So nothing great this time around – just a selection of tweaks and fixes to make NordVPN work better for you. Send good vibes your way!

NordVPN 5.8.4

  • Search – and you might see a flying object, a billionaire, or a shooting star. Look down – and you’ll see the bottom navigation bar for faster and more convenient access to destinations within our app. Now there are two types: VPN map with country servers and notifications section.

  • A few tweaks – in performance and design – for a more enjoyable VPN experience.

NordVPN 5.7.4

We’re guiding our inner geographer this time:

  • Location pins turned into location bubbles (*gasp*). After all these years. But hey, they’re still blue—even with the millennial purple trend going strong.

  • For countries with VPN servers in multiple cities, you will now see those cities on the map when you zoom in.

  • Depending on the zoom level, you will see either all site bubbles or groups of bubbles by regions. Now there is nothing interfering, hopefully there will be more convenience for you.

NordVPN 5.6.4

We’re bringing a whole bunch of improvements and fixes together like puzzle pieces. The result – better VPN performance, usability, and an overall application experience. Now it’s your turn to put in the last piece – inhale, exhale and refresh your NordVPN app. Ah, the joy of this puzzle!

NordVPN 5.5.3

  • Security Score: Shows the collective strength of the features you use. The higher the points, the stronger your online security. VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT – If you’re not 100% yet, we’ll help you reach NordVPN’s top protection in no time!

  • A bunch of minor improvements for a smoother NordVPN experience. Such as listing the auto connection options more clearly and some visual touches on the connection status in the main screen.

NordVPN 5.4.4

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Make your account more secure by verifying that you’re actually logging in.

  • Refer a friend: Do you know someone who doesn’t use NordVPN yet? Invite them to sign up with your unique referral link and they both get a month for free.

  • Revamped settings: We’ve organized the settings into categories for added clarity, convenience, and a new look.

  • Switch app appearance: Choose between light and dark themes at any time or set the theme to System setting.

NordVPN 5.1.3

  • Meet the Dark Web Monitor – a Sherlocky feature that silently explores the shadowy and shadowy bottom of the Internet for data leaks. If it detects the exposed credentials associated with your email address – Ding! You get alerted. This way, you can instantly change your passwords on the hacked services to defend your data against cybercriminals. A press of the switch is all it takes to launch the Dark Web Monitor. primary.

  • A few tweaks under and above the hood to smooth things out.

NordVPN 4.17.1

  • Wondering if you could improve your current connection? Click the Refresh button – the Quick Connect algorithm will check if there is a better server option for you and reconnect to the fastest server in the same location.

  • Now you can set the VPN connection as limited. It gives you more control over how much data your phone uses through downloads and other apps. Available in Android Q and above.

  • A selection of minor bugs were left behind while packing this release. Definitely not the hardest goodbye.

NordVPN 4.16.4

This summer, we introduced a Nord account, which standardized login and subscription across all Nord products. This version includes an updated login flow, but you don’t need to do anything about it – your existing account details are automatically transferred to your Nord account. Simply lie back, relax, and continue enjoying the safety of the internet. If you decide to extend your protection beyond a VPN, your Nord account will work like a charm when you join other Nord security products.

NordVPN 4.15.2

For a top-notch VPN experience, routine maintenance is just as important as a shiny new feature. So nothing great this time – just the usual work of bug fixing. We’re sending some good vibes and improvements under the hood your way!

NordVPN 4.14.3

Veni, vidi, VPNi – we’ve come, we’ve seen, we’ve updated accordingly.

  • We have upgraded NordVPN’s pause function. It is now more easy to use.

  • According to our cartographers, our map is now about 15% more cartographic. We are working on making it the most attractive.

  • No more clicking, tapping, hacking for you – we’ll now automatically alert users if a malicious overlay tries to trick them into the NordVPN app.

  • Did someone call pesticides? Because we crushed a bunch of very small bugs.

NordVPN 4.13.2

We accepted the challenge of telling you what’s new in 20 seconds. He goes!

  • The new and fast NordLynx based on the classic and versatile WireGuard® or OpenVPN? We now display the VPN protocol used in the connection status bar.

  • Like our app? Share it with friends directly from the settings menu. It may sound cliched, but in this case, sharing is actually concerned with your friends’ digital safety.

  • Few fixes.

20 seconds. nailed it.

NordVPN 4.12.5

Dear bugs, it’s not the same without you. It’s way better now. (Don’t try to be mean or anything here. Just improve the app experience.)

NordVPN 4.11.5

What does driving an F1 racer and using the NordVPN app have in common? From now on, it’s NordLynx – our technology built around the WireGuard® protocol to give you lightning-fast VPN connections. NordLynx is a fast, secure, and privacy-enhanced, game-changer for your mobile experience. Head to ‘Settings’ and go to NordLynx in ‘VPN Protocol’ for a test drive!

NordVPN 4.10.3

  • Hack Protection: Protects you from unintended disconnects – both malicious attempts and innocent “pocket disconnects” – by requiring two steps to disable the VPN.

  • Redesigned custom DNS setup: Fewer taps, more convenience and clarity.

  • Split Tunneling in TV Mode: Disable VPN for selected apps.

  • LAN access in TV mode: Be visible and access other devices (such as computers and printers) on the LAN.

  • Auto Connect works even better now!

  • A bunch of minor bugs have been fixed.

NordVPN 4.9.2

  • Now you don’t need to go any further than our app notification to delay VPN protection for 5 minutes. Because every second of your time is precious.

  • Are you running NordVPN on your smart TV? We’ve redesigned the settings to make it easier to navigate.

  • We’ve also made some tweaks to make your VPN experience smoother.

NordVPN 4.8.1

  • LAN Access: Turn it on to be visible and to access other devices (computers, printers, TVs – you name it) on the LAN. Turn it off to re-wear the invisibility cloak.

  • The added security component: Now, you can connect and disconnect from the VPN using the quick settings panel only when your phone is unlocked.

  • You say “error,” and we say “fixes.” We have defeated a bunch of these devious creatures to make your app experience smoother.

NordVPN 4.7.3

  • We added the directions that will help you to enable Kill Switch feature in Android system settings. What does a Kill Switch do? If the VPN connection drops unexpectedly, it disrupts the internet so that no unprotected traffic leaves your device.

  • We have defeated a bunch of cheating bugs to make your app experience smoother. Rare ones encountered: Those that suggest random apps to email us, that make you hit “Search” twice to actually search the Android TV app, and others.

NordVPN 4.6.1

  • Pause VPN protection for 5 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour, then reconnect automatically. It’s like hitting snooze – only instead of a few more precious moments of sleep, you temporarily disable the VPN connection.

  • You can now set a custom DNS server address in our Android TV app as well. Not using a VPN on your Smart TV yet? Go ahead and try it now.
  • Now the app is better at communicating in Korean.

  • Some performance tweaks to improve your app experience.

Don’t own NordVPN yet? Download it now.

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