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Private Internet Access Vpn for Firestick

Private Internet Access Vpn for Firestick


It’s been a long and boring journey to find out, but it is no less important. Over the past few months, there have been reports of Kodi users using third-party streaming services for illegal content receiving copyright notices. Legality depends a lot on where you live, what you use and more. Some countries will not technically prosecute someone for streaming content because you are not sharing or physically downloading a copy while others may. No matter that Kodi is becoming more and more popular for streaming illegal content, it is important for every user, whether legitimate or not, to protect themselves online.

Getting started guide on how to use our Private Internet Access VPN app on our Kodi Firestick. We guide you through all the screen choices needed for success. Private Internet Access VPN is the most secure app for FireStick device. It connects to 10 devices simultaneously and has more than 3,274 servers available in 48 countries. Check out this super easy guide for beginners to setup PIA VPN on any FireStick device. Private Internet Access Download Firestick, Configurar Vpn Tigo Honduras, Fritzbox Vpn Port Weiterleitung Kabel, Cra Vpn. The full form of a VPN is a VPN connection that is used to hide the IP address so that the user can access geo-blocked websites or applications. However, there are many types of VPNs available on the Internet that can be used for different purposes. This feature is mostly used to secure our identity while using any public WiFi.

Which is exactly the purpose of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Finding out the best VPN for Kodi can be a challenge, but rest assured that Private Internet Access is a very popular option and one of the cheapest (but most reliable) options in the VPN market. The problem a lot of users face is the VPN lacks the ability to install on set-top boxes like Amazon Fire TV (lowest price) due to how their Android app is built.

Despite not being able to install Private Internet Access directly from the Amazon App Store, we are still able to get it up and running thanks to the devices’ ability to install third-party add-ons. Without wasting too much time, I will show you two ways in which you can install PIA and then how to use it inside your Amazon Fire TV.

This method will require a bit of patience and an understanding of technology…or at least a solid ability to follow the instructions below.


  • 1 updated for 2018! = “toc_number>
  • Surfshark vs. private internet access speeds. If the VPN service is too slow, then everything you do online through the VPN will be a real hindrance. Finally, if you need a VPN for Firestick, Surfshark provides you with a dedicated app on the Amazon Play Store. All of the above apps include an effective kill switch that blocks your traffic.

  • 2 What we need to install PIA on Fire TV = “toc_number>
  • 3 Installing PIA on Fire Stick Using the Download Tool (Easiest)

    • 3.1 First, make sure that you have the ability to install apps from unknown sources. = “toc_number>
    • 3.2 Now we need to download and install the Downloader app from Amazon = “toc_number>
    • 3.3 Finally, we need to install Private Internet Access on Fire TV from APK = “toc_number>

    4 Install Private Internet Access VPN APK on Fire TV (Harder Method)

    • 4.1 Using Apps2Fire = “toc_number>
    • 4.2 Using a USB thumb drive = “toc_number>
  • 5 Install Mouse Toggle app for use on Fire TV = “toc_number>
  • 6 Using the private app to access the internet inside Fire TV = “toc_number>
  • 7 wrap = “toc_number>
  • Updated for 2018! = updated_for_2018>

    After reviewing Private Internet Access for Kodi again, we recently revamped this popular tutorial to make it easier than we had before. There are a few different ways to install this but by far the easiest is to use the “Downloader” app from the Amazon marketplace. We’ve left our other methods here just in case, but be sure to use the Downloader first and foremost.

    What we need to install PIA on Fire TV = what_we_need_to_install_pia_on_the_fire_tv>

    • You’ll need to invest in Private Internet Access (only $2.91/month on 2-year plans) of course (I suppose that’s why you’re here!). PIA is one of the most popular VPNs on the planet, and for good reason. It’s easy to work with and the speeds are reliable when streaming content in your Kodi box.
    • Fire TV. This tutorial is to show how you can install on a Fire TV box. Please note that this will only work on Fire TV Sticks generation 2 and above.
    • Switch Mouse for FireTV. This app is another small investment that will cost some money (only $3.97) but will enable your FireTV remote to work as a mouse in PIA APK. If you have a mouse it will work, but this tutorial will show you how to use this app instead. Simply plug the mouse into the USB port during the installation section of this application.
    • Mouse Toggle for Fire TV (iOS) (Mac users)Alternatively, if you have an iPhone or iOS device, use this.
    • Private internet access apk. The link on the left will take you to the PIA APK download page. As of this writing, the latest version of the app is 1.3, to download that click here directly. Make sure to visit the actual page to keep up to date with the latest release.

    Installing PIA on Fire Stick With Downloader (easiest) = install_pia_on_your_fire_stick_with_downloader_easiest>

    Before we start, we need to take care of a few things to ensure the installation goes smoothly. We will need to allow the ability to install third party apps and then we will install the awesome Downloader app from the Amazon Play Store. Ready to go?

    First, make sure that you have the ability to install apps from unknown sources. = first_make_sure_you_have_the_ability_to_install_apps_from_unknown_sources>

    • Once you turn on FireTV, make sure that the ability to install unknown sources is enabled. To do this simply go to settings.
    • Choose the device.
    • Go to developer options.
    • Select apps from unknown sources and make sure they run in conjunction with ADB debugging.

    Now we need to download and install the Downloader app from Amazon = now_we_need_to_download_and_install_the_downloader_app_from_amazon>

    • Now we need to install the app download tool. The easiest way to do this is to search for it from the FireTV menu.
    • Search for Downloader and choose Get to install it.

    Finally we need to install Private Internet Access on Fire TV from APK = lastly_we_need_to_install_private_internet_access_on_the_fire_tv_from_an_apk>

    • Open the app we just installed, Downloader.
    • Enter in “” and press GO.
    • Select Yes when it asks if you want to install the new APK file.

    Congratulations, you have now installed PIA. To learn how to use it on your device click here.

    Install Private Internet Access VPN APK on Fire TV (harder way) = install_the_private_internet_access_vpn_apk_on_your_fire_tv_harder_way>

    Using Apps2Fire = using_apps2fire>

    If you can install Apps2Fire on your phone or Android Simulator, this should be a very straightforward process. We will need to get a little information regarding FireTV first and make sure that you select two other options so that we can install third-party apps on the device.

    • With Fire TV on, browse to the SETTINGS menu, and scroll right until you find SYSTEM. From here you want to scroll down until you see Developer Options.
    • Click the Select button on your Fire TV remote and the following screen will appear. You will see three options here, ADB Debugging, USB Debugging, and Apps from Unknown Sources. Run ADB and applications from unknown sources.
    • Just go back to the system menu (in settings) and this time we want to scroll up to the “About” option. Click Select.
    • In the About screen, we want to scroll down to where it says “Network” and from here simply take a note of the IP address, and we’ll use this to connect apps2fire to our Fire TV.
    • We’re done with FireTV for now. Before we begin, make sure that the Private Internet Access APK is installed on your device. The easiest way to do this is to visit the Google Play Store, search for Private Internet Access and click Install.
    • After installing PIA, we now simply push it to FireTV using Apps2Fire. Open it and scroll the list to the right until you see “Setting” and tap on it once. Now just take the IP address we typed from the Fire TV and enter it in the box above the Save button. Once done, hit save and go to the next step.
    • In the menu, go back to “Local Applications”. Scroll down in this list until you find PIA VPN (if it is not there, make sure it is installed correctly).
    • When you click on the option of PIA VPN, you will be prompted with the option to install, click on it and let the magic happen. If you’re sitting next to a FireTV, you’ll see a notification on it saying the app has been installed. You can click the menu button on the remote control to open the app and proceed to step 3 in this tutorial.

    using a USB Thumbdrive = using_a_usb_thumbdrive>

    • If you don’t want to use Apps2Fire, we can install any APK file, especially PIA APK via USB thumbdrive using Fire TV. To do this, we will only need the following. USB drive (duh!), ES File Explorer, and PIA APK. Download the APK file here and save it somewhere you will remember. Once downloaded, copy it to your USB Thumbdrive.
    • Now let’s go back to Fire TV and install ES File Explorer. This is very straightforward, to do so, scroll up to access SEARCH in your main menu on Fire TV. Search for “ES File Explorer” and you will see an application with a similar icon in the image. Install it (the one in the picture has the app already installed, where open stands for simply clicking install). Once this is done open ES File Explorer.
    • Connect a USB Thumbdrive to the back of the Fire TV. Inside ES File Explorer under the “Local” menu option on the left, you’ll see an option called “usbdisk”. If you are not sure whether the USB drive is formatted as FAT32 (you should get a notification from Fire TV).
    • Click the option in the “usbdisk” menu and you will receive a message asking to open or cancel the mount. Select Open.
    • You should now have access to the USB drive where you copied the PIA APK to. If you followed the steps correctly, you will see a file with a PIA code (as in the image below). All we need to do now is select this icon and hit the select button on the Fire TV remote.
    • Once again you will be prompted with some options, just highlight and choose “Install” to continue.
    • Fire TV will now ask if you want to install this app. You should see something similar in the image below, just click “Install” to get started.
    • If all goes according to plan, you should finally be greeted with an app installation message. Before we can start using the PIA app on FireTV, we need to set up Mouse Toggle app for either Android or IOS device.

    Install Mouse Toggle app for use on Fire TV = install_the_mouse_toggle_app_for_use_on_fire_tv>

    This stage of the tutorial can be the most confusing or difficult as it requires you to do two steps in order to connect and install the app on Fire TV. I’ll be doing this via an Android phone, so unfortunately I can’t guarantee results with an iOS device. The layout of the app is the same for both, so if you’ve had success with this iPhone, please leave a comment below and let other users know.

    You’ll need to buy the app somehow, for as little as $5, it’s worth the cost as you can use it for more than just private internet access.

    please note!If you have a USB mouse (or a wireless USB mouse dongle), you can connect it to your Fire TV instead of using the app. If you are going this route, please skip to the next section.

    • Open Mouse Toggle for Fire TV app and you will be greeted with a screen like below. We need to set up access to Fire TV, so tap on the hamburger…

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