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PUBG: Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

PUBG: Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022


In a world with increased internet surveillance, having a reliable VPN can help hide your identity where you are and what you are doing from spying eyes.

In this article we are going to count down the 5 best Vpn to unlock BGMI Crate that you can use for free.

Although it lacks certain features often found in premium VPNs, you may find that a free VPN is all you need.

Most of what is shown in this video is available for windows mac, linux ios and android let’s get started.

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Top 5 PUBG: Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

5. Accelerate

Since not all VPNs are created equal, we will go through the pros and cons of each to help you make a better decision. Starting the countdown at number five is speeding up.

As the name suggests, their primary focus is to give you the fastest VPN speeds that you can get. It does this by allowing you to combine two or more of your Internet connections.

In any combination, you can combine wi-fi with iPhone, android smartphone 3 4 or 5g cellular and ethernet.

For example, using both wi-fi and cellular data will help ensure that you get the best possible performance speeds. They have more than 1,000 servers in more than 50 countries.

The data you send and receive is fully encrypted and speedify has a no logging policy, it doesn’t log IP addresses and the websites you visit keep you anonymous on the internet.

With their free service they call the Starter Plan, you get 2GB of data each month but it’s only available to use on one device.

Here’s another trick for some of you, Speedify is based in the US which means they are subject to requests from legal and governmental authorities.

Speedify is available for windows mac linux ios and android. Speed ​​is the most important factor while using a vpn that speeds up your privileges so you can say it is one of the best Vpn to unlock BGMI Crate.

Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

4. Windscribe

Coming in at fourth place is windscribe based in Canada, this VPN includes many features of their premium service that are available in their free plan as well.

They are known for having an excellent privacy policy with no logging of your data.

The username is stored but erased within three minutes of ending your session. Geo-restricted content is also not banned in more than 60 countries.

They claim to never track you and offer DNS leak protection to protect your information. One downside is that they don’t offer 24/7 live support for their free or premium plans so you can consider windscribe as one of the best Vpn to unlock BGMI Crate.

Winscribe steps it from our 5 chosen number instead of 2 GB per month you will get 10 GB with a verifiable email address with servers available in 10+ countries.

There are no limits to the number of connections you can have. It is available for windows mac linux ios android and they are joking about the existence

Available for BlackBerry. You also get extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

3. Hideme

At number three, is one of our top picks for privacy and security, they have a strict no-logging policy, your data is protected with 256 aes encryption, and since they are based in Malaysia, they are under no obligation to hand over user data to any legal authority.

Even with their free plan, there are no ads they don’t limit your bandwidth ensuring fast load times and you get 24/7 tech support for help if you run into any issues.

While offers a whopping 10GB of data each month, you can only connect one device at a time while you are limited to five server locations.

These server locations include the east and west coasts of the United States, Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

High.mi is available for all major operating systems including windows mac linux android and ios and is also available for amazon fire tv.

Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

2. Hotspot Shield

In second place is the Hotspot Shield in second place.

It offers the second largest amount of data mentioned in this video, as you get 500MB of data for use every day.

Add daily limits with a maximum of about 15 GB per month.

Although they are known to be one of the fastest VPN providers with easy-to-use apps, they are based in the US and there are some logging of your data.

They claim that none of the data collected can identify users.

With the free plan, advertising is supported, there is a limit to connecting to one device and you can only access servers located in the US.

If you can live with the negatives, their data limits are quite generous when compared to other free VPNs so it might be worth using them for you. It is also one of the best VPNs for opening a BGMI fund.

In addition to Windows hotspot shield available for Linux mac os ios and android, there is also an extension available for chrome browser.


Quickly before we get to our top pick, here are some honorable mentions you might want to check out.

Avira Phantom

The first one based in Germany is avira phantom. Unlike most of this video, avira allows unlimited simultaneous connections.

On the downside, the allowed data capacity is 500MB per month.

It is available for windows mac ios and android at the moment and it is not available for Linux.


The other honorable sign is the tunnel.

What is great about this vpn is that it is very easy to use but just like vera phantom, the monthly data limit is 500MB.

It is available for windows mac ios and android but it seems that it no longer supports Linux.

They also have extensions for Firefox chrome and opera browser. While it was based in Canada, Tunnelbear was acquired in 2018 by US cybersecurity firm mcafee making it subject to legal requests for information in both countries.

Best VPN to Unlock BGMI Crate 2022

1. Proton VPN

In first place comes proton vpn. One of the best VPN to open a BGMI box.

This feature has many free features that are often only found in the premium versions of its competitors.

Let’s turn to the pros first, there are absolutely no data limits which makes it great for streaming content and it is not supported by ads.

They also do not log any of your online activities.

If your primary focus when choosing a VPN is privacy, they use the strongest level of encryption to secure your internet connection.

They are also based in Switzerland outside the jurisdiction of the United States and the European Union. Because of these vpn proton states, they cannot be forced to spy on their users.

Now for the cons that there are a few, there is one limit to the connection to the device.

The servers are only accessible in three countries, and the biggest thing for some of you will be the lack of peer-to-peer support on their free plan.

Other than that, it is feature packed for free service and available for usual suspects windows mac linux ios and android.

Thanks for reading, which is your favorite free VPN, let us know in the comments.

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