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Securing Spectrum Compatible WiFi Routers

Securing Spectrum Compatible WiFi Routers


If you are using a Spectrum compatible router for your internet needs, one of the most important things you need to do is secure it.

Fully securing your home network can help you in many ways. For example, preventing hackers and malware from appearing on your computer. It can also make sure that important information is not lost. If you’re using a Spectrum-compatible router for your online needs, we’ve got some tips for you.

Why should my router be secure?

Let’s start by taking a look at why a secure router is important. Since many of our communications are wireless, we all need to be extra careful with our online security measures, and avoid unwanted interference. Here are some of the benefits to securing your wireless network.

  1. Strangers will not be able to access or connect to your network. If they tried, they would have to ask permission.
  2. Decide who can adjust the settings for your entire network. These settings will make sure that only people who have to change your network can do so.
  3. Your information needs protection. Whether you have a small business or just focus on your home network, there are so many risks to your security out there that shutting them down is incredibly beneficial.

Router Security Basics

Let’s go over the important aspects of router security. First of all, having a strong password will help prevent your router from strangers who might be able to guess your password. Most routers come with a default password that can easily be overlooked when setting up your router. Don’t miss this step. It only takes a few seconds to change it and make it unguessable or easily accessible. You should be able to do this through your router settings.

Update your router

We all get a little annoyed when a device pops up telling us it’s ready for an update. It might not be a good time right now, but updates shouldn’t be casually ignored. Router firmware is frequently updated to ensure that the router is ready to defend against the most common cyber threats coming. Once the firmware has been updated to include new threats, you should be able to keep your network a bit more secure.

Good practices to keep in mind

There are also some basic practices that you should keep in mind anytime you do anything online. They include:

  • Make sure you are using a secure site with “https” at the beginning of the address. If it is missing an ‘s’, it is unsafe.
  • Stick to using only one credit card for online purchases to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Make sure you have a VPN, which you should be able to get from your provider, but many routers will be equipped with it nowadays. They allow you to work online completely anonymously.
  • Do not leave the sites open. Even if you are using a secure computer, it is ideal to log out of sites that you are not actively using. Keeping it open and logged in can put your information at risk of being stolen.

Keep your network secure to protect your information and keep the Internet running smoothly.

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