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Should I turn on a VPN on the iPhone? Pros and Cons of VPN

Should I turn on a VPN on the iPhone? Pros and Cons of VPN

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Many of us these days use the internet to do everything from shopping for clothes to watching our favorite TV show. But this is not without its risks. The Internet is full of hackers looking for ways to steal your personal information and passwords; Which means you need protection!

One way to protect yourself online is to run a VPN on your iPhone. But what is a VPN on your iPhone and what exactly does it mean to turn it on? And should you turn on a VPN on your iPhone? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of running a VPN on your iPhone.

Advantages of running a VPN on your iPhone

There are many reasons why you should run a VPN on your iPhone. These include:

  • More privacy and security on the Internet; A VPN sends your iPhone data through an encrypted tunnel, which means that no third party can see what you’re doing online. This is useful to prevent hackers and other hackers from discovering any of your personal data or information.
  • The ability to bypass geo-blocks. With iPhone VPN, you can access foreign websites that are blocked in your country or foreign versions of popular websites like streaming platforms. This can be done by connecting to a server in another country that changes your IP address.
  • Using a VPN on your iPhone can also help you bypass firewall blocks on school and work networks. For example, if some websites are blocked on these networks, such as social media platforms, then a VPN can help you access them without any problem at all.
  • With the VPN running on your iPhone, even if you don’t use the internet, you are protected at all times. So, if you have 4G data roaming when you are abroad, your VPN will protect all the apps connected to the internet. Moreover, whenever you switch to a new internet on your iPhone, with the VPN turned on, you can rest assured that you will be protected at all times.
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Disadvantages of running a VPN on your iPhone

Although VPNs offer a lot of advantages for iPhone users, there are some downsides to running a VPN on your iPhone.

  • Turning on a VPN can, at times, affect the overall performance of your iPhone. VPNs can drain your battery and cause your iPhone to perform poorly. It can also affect the operation of other apps, which may have to stop running in the background, causing problems for your device in general.
  • In addition to slowing down your iPhone and its functionality, a VPN can sometimes slow down the internet speeds on your iPhone. This isn’t great news, especially if you’re sending emails, chatting on VoIP services, and need good quality and a buffer-free connection.
  • Depending on the plan you’re on, your iPhone VPN may have a bandwidth limit (especially if you’re on a free plan). By turning on the VPN when you don’t need to, you will be using the allowed data and potentially consuming your daily or monthly quota without even realizing it.

Should my VPN be running on iPhone?

We recommend that users activate VPNs on their iPhone, only when necessary. If you are doing Internet tasks that do not require the use of a VPN, or you are not using the Internet, you do not need to turn on the VPN.

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However, we do not advise against using a VPN at all, given that Internet threats are very real and are becoming increasingly more prominent.

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