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[SOLVED] Setting PPTP VPN on RRAS Server Not Working – Networking

[SOLVED] Setting PPTP VPN on RRAS Server Not Working – Networking



I am trying to setup PPTP VPN from my domain controller (2016 server) which has RRAS setup. Basic RRAS installation done – Direct Access, VPN and Routing is selected when role is added -> Deploy VPN only -> Configure RRAS for VPN and NAT access.

When trying to connect to the VPN via a device on another network, I receive the following error: “A connection has been established between your computer and the VPN server but the VPN connection cannot be completed. The most common reason for this failure is at least one Internet device (for example, a firewall or a router) between your computer and the VPN is not connected. Configure the server to allow Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) packets. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator or ISP.”

I forwarded port 1723 and 47 on the router and also opened them on the server firewall (incoming and outgoing).

The VPN on the client machine is set up to use PPTP instead of automatic. I’ve also tried configuring L2TP for testing (the port is also forwarded for this etc) but that also didn’t connect.

Does anyone have any recommendation on what I can try?

I would say I have a good knowledge of VPNs but the skills I am missing include NAT and a few other things I might have overlooked – so I would appreciate any help. I can of course provide more information and details if needed.

thank you In advance 🙂



Patrick Farrell

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RyanDixon99 wrote:

hi kevin,

The only reason I use PPTP is because this VPN is rarely used and is basically just for testing purposes as well as some actual uses – I’d like to have this setup as an “in case you need it” kind of thing. I understand it’s less secure, but I just wanted a working VPN instead of having pre-shared keys and other things to worry about – I assumed PPTP would be easier to set up.

I’m using a Windows server because that’s what I have experience using. My router is just a standard Plusnet Hub One that doesn’t offer any additional VPN services. Is IPsec VPN the same as L2TP? I also confirmed that L2TP doesn’t work either, will IPsec work?

PPTP should not be used at all. Not rare, not for testing, not for actual use.

Take the opportunity to learn how to set up a secure VPN so you have that knowledge in your tool belt. There is no value in learning to set up an unsecured VPN.

IPSEC would be the better choice, or SSTP if you have an internal certificate server.

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