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Surfshark review: Is it worth the price?

Surfshark review: Is it worth the price?


Since its launch in 2018, Surfshark has gained consumer trust and has become one of the best VPNs overall. This wasn’t just about Excellent speed or First-class security and privacy. Surfshark VPN’s biggest argument was to get it all for a low price.

working from HollandThis provider has set high standards for itself. have strict No-logs policy And he strays from the influence of the Nine Eyes of Watching Alliance. In addition, Surfshark uses files Military grade encryption and the The latest tunneling protocols to protect its users.

With Surfshark VPN, you will be able to torrent safely and watch Multiple streaming platforms. There are more than 3200+ servers in a 65+ countries, so if no one unblocks Netflix, so will the other.

I wanted to see if user trust was warranted, so I set out to answer the key questions in this review: Is a VPN secure? Do you record user data? And, crucially, how good are torrenting and Netflix?

it turns out Surfshark VPN is the best choiceIncluding speed, unlimited simultaneous connections, easy-to-use apps, and even pricing, it’s better than most competitors can offer.

Read our in-depth Surfshark VPN review to see all the test results. Instead, you Get Surfshark at 81% off now.


Rank #2 of 224 providers
countries 65
servers 3200
Netflix Yes
torrent Yes
supports 24/7 live chat, FAQ
records No-logs policy
the price From $2.21/month
Free or trial version 7-day free trial

Speed: Is Surfshark VPN Fast?

Surfshark is one of the fastest VPN services in 2021, as our in-house VPN speed test tool showed. No matter what country you’re calling from, this provider will compete with the absolute best.

We regularly run speed tests from servers in the US, UK and other countries.

Surfshark VPN average speed for 14 days

12.06 – 12.20

More live data from our VPN speed test tool

USA server
Download speed 1237 Mbps
Download speed 1,261 Mbps
UK server
Download speed 770 Mbps
Download speed 631 Mbps
Germany server
Download speed 459 Mbps
Download speed 721 Mbps

As you can see from the results, Connection speeds with WireGuard are really fast, especially if we compare competitors who still use OpenVPN. The load is also much higher than most VPNs, no matter what country you choose. So what do these numbers mean, really?

For starters, you should be able to 4K (UHD) video streaming And Play games online In your continent, unless your continent is huge. You are You should not experience lag during video calls and VOIP, which sets the ping limit at 200 milliseconds, but calling someone on the other side of the globe could take its toll. Finally, download a file 10 GB torrent file may take less than 3 minutes.

the The speeds seem to be increasing Every time I update this Surfshark VPN review. There is clearly a lot of investment in this VPN. Despite being on the list of the fastest VPNs in 2021, I think its speed will continue to improve.

Surfshark server list and locations

Surfshark VPN has files Some of the fastest servers. The list consists of 3200+ servers in a 65+ countries.

Here’s what Surfshark server coverage looks like worldwide:

Location countries
Americas 9+
Europe 35+
Africa, Middle East and India 6+
Asia Pacific 12+

As always, North America and Europe have the best coverage. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the three countries in Africa. Mostly you only get South Africa or no servers at all.

All servers physical – physical And RAM only, which means you can expect better performance and more security. Surfshark doesn’t have all of its servers, and only a few providers do, but I think it’s only a matter of time. It also uses virtual locations in a few countries, but they are clearly marked in the app.

Pricing: Is Surfshark the cheapest top-tier VPN?

Surfshark VPN has three different pricing plans, all offering a full suite of functionality, including military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and unlimited hardware:

However, you may also get stuck LIMITED TIME OFFERS During the year subscription rates are better than usual. We have all of them in our area Surfshark Discounts and Coupons The page, which includes the best deals and the most popular free subscription.

Optionally, you can also open a file Surfshark One Package. This package includes antivirus, alert, and search software. Upgrade costs $1.49/month But if you unlocked Alert and Search previously, the last part of the Surfshark One puzzle costs just $0.49 a month.

Warning It monitors your personal data and notifies you in real time if you are a victim of a data breach. at the same time, Search It enables you to search the web without the interference of ads and online trackers. finally, Antivirus Protects your devices and improves performance by removing malware and other malicious files.

With these optional extras, the total subscription to Surfshark $3.98/month. While this sounds somewhat pricey, it is actually Big Deal for Lots of Digital Security in One Package.

Payment Options

There are plenty of payment methods you can choose from to pay the $2 fee as well. It includes Anonymous options, such as encryption. There are credit cards, PayPal, Sofort, Direct Debit, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Giropay, and Webmoney too for those interested. Some of the best VPN providers have overlooked the kind of privacy that an encrypted payment option offers, which is a huge shame.

Surfshark Free Trial

Surfshark is also one of the few to offer long service 7-day free trial On Google Play and Apple App Store. This means that you will need an Android, macOS, or iOS device to get it. After creating the account, you will be able to install Windows and other clients as well.

One thing to point out – Surfshark still Asking for payment information before opening the service. The good thing is that if you miss the free trial deadline, you will still be able to cancel within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

How to recover Surfshark

Surfshark’s refund policy grants a 30 day money back guarantee For all plans and all devices, so you don’t lose anything if you don’t want to. Your refund includes contacting customer support. But since it has 24/7 live chat, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In fact, you can also Set a cancellation date In advance and use the VPN until the last day.

as always, Accounts paid in cryptocurrency are non-refundable.

Surfshark security and privacy

There are a lot of good things to be said about Surfshark VPN’s privacy and anonymity credentials. Here is a short list of its main features that will keep you safe on the Internet:

  • Military grade encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • Privacy friendly jurisdiction
  • kill switch
  • IP and DNS leak protection

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It was his provider Browser extensions audited by Cure53, a well-known and respected company in the field of cyber security. Also, since July 2020, All Surfshark servers are RAM only. Finally, in May 2021, Cure53 conducted an independent audit of the server infrastructure.

In addition, you will get Malware blocker (CleanWeb), split tunneling (Whitelister), multi hops, And Stealth protocol (Camouflage and NoBorders). This VPN also offers identity protection (Warning), GPS spoofing, And incognito search (Search).

These advanced features combined make Surfshark VPN very close to other VPN providers that focus on security, such as NordVPN or ProtonVPN.

Encryption and tunneling protocols

Implement Surfshark VPN AES-256 encryptionUsed by financial institutions and militaries around the world. This means that there is almost no way to crack this encryption.

Surfshark currently offers the following tunneling protocols:

  • Wireguard
  • OpenVPN TCP
  • OpenVPN UDP
  • IKEv2 / IPsec

In October 2020, the VPN implemented WireGuard’s next generation tunneling protocol. It is faster and more secure than any other protocol available. One can clearly see the advantage of the speed by checking the results of our VPN speed test tool. Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users can now select WireGuard, which also uses a new ChaCha20 symmetric cipher.

While neither can hack the Great Firewall alone, Surfshark VPN has Camouflage and NoBorders modes for use in China.

Surfshark lock key

Surfshark has a profile great lock key This will automatically deactivate your internet connection if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This allows a VPN to protect your privacy by ensuring that your internet traffic is always encrypted and is an important feature of any secure VPN.

My tests showed that the kill switch worked reliably every time I intentionally disable my VPN connection.

The only caveat here is that the Linux app does not have a kill switch turned on by default, and there is no article on their website that explains how to do this. However, the helpful Surfshark customer support team has always given me instructions.

IP and DNS leak protection

Basic leak tests indicate this Surfshark has no leakage issues. I connected to a server in Denmark at IP address Then I ran the test and got the following results: No DNS, WebRTC, or IPv6 leaks, as the image below indicates.

The IP and DNS addresses shown here are the same as the ones Surfshark assigned me. If you see my actual IP address, it means there is a leak somewhere.

This service is built in DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 leak protection, plus a zero-knowledge private DNS. Simply put, unlike many tools on the market, Surfshark VPN keeps your personally identifiable information hidden.

Privacy friendly website: Netherlands

Surfshark is headquartered in Holland, which is a privacy-friendly country that complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, she belongs to the Nine Eyes Intelligence Sharing Alliance. Previously, the state of Surfshark was the British Virgin Islands.

Surfshark has a strong privacy policy that will put users at ease regarding any potential infringement by government agencies or copyright protection companies. Therefore, if someone decides to approach a subpoena to get information about you, they will be denied. Even if Surfshark were forced to give access to its servers by law enforcement, they would find nothing of value.

No-logs policy

Surfshark “does not collect IP addresses, browsing history, session information, bandwidth used, connection timestamps, network traffic and other similar data.”

As a matter of fact, if their help center is to be certified, Surfshark doesn’t log anything at all, except for your email address and billing information. This means that the provider is one of the few actual VPNs that keep no logs. This is extremely rare and impressive, but I would also like to see their policy independently audited to silence naysayers once and for all.

Furthermore, Surfshark has a file canary note on their website. For now, it states that they have not received any national security messages, gag orders, or authorizations from government organizations. So far, so good.

Browser Extension Independent Security Audit

In 2018, Surfshark conducted an independent audit of Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Submitting your VPN apps for independent scrutiny is a commendable move regardless of the results.

The audit was conducted by respected German cybersecurity firm, Cure53, which also conducted the first independent VPN audit in 2017 (notice to TunnelBear).

Briefly, Cure53 found only two vulnerabilitiesOnly one of them has any potential to cause problems for users. This is a great result and gives a lot of credibility to this VPN service provider.

You can read the full report on Surfshark’s website.

Does Surfshark work in China?

Since presenting camouflage And NoBorders ModesThis service is able to hide VPN traffic. These features switch from the default tunneling protocol to OpenVPN with the XOR correction, obfuscating your traffic and confusing censors. As a result, Surfshark VPN is Great for China.

You will be able to unblock restricted websites, such as Facebook, and keep…

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