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Top 5 Full Protection AV Jan 2022

Top 5 Full Protection AV Jan 2022

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If you’re looking to buy a Chromebook or are already a proud owner, you’ve probably heard many praised reviews about how good the laptop is. Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, which is a Linux-based operating system. Although Chromebook laptops are known for their blazing fast performance and the many apps available for them to use, their security is a concern for many users.

Rumors about Chromebook security level have been emerging and have been circulating for a while now. Some experts claim the OS is the most secure on the market, and some say it’s vulnerable to attacks because Chromebooks don’t require antivirus software. However, this myth is slowly fading away. While you might think your Chromebook is ready to use without an antivirus installed to keep it safe, it will only last for a short time. Just like any other operating system, any antivirus software added to a Chromebook is a reasonable purchase. Below is a detailed list of Best Antivirus for Chromebook.

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Pros and Cons of Having an Antivirus for Chromebook


  • Antivirus protection People tend to download and open attachments in emails or click suspicious links on various websites. Accessing those suspicious websites or links brings viruses with it. A single virus can corrupt many programs and it can also destroy all the data on your computer.
  • firewall feature Most antivirus software comes with a built-in firewall feature that blocks any authorized connections to your Chromebook. It also prevents hackers from accessing the information on your personal computer.
  • Spyware Protection Antivirus software can protect your Chromebook from identity theft and spyware. Spyware is software designed to infect your device, spy on you, and steal your personal information such as photos, personal files, and financial data in your computer.
  • Protection while browsing the Internet The antivirus will keep you safe from hackers who may be able to access personal information such as bank accounts or credit card information while browsing the Internet.


  • slows down the system Antivirus software can take up a lot of hard disk and computer memory space in your Chromebook, and this can slow down your computer or network.

Best Antivirus for Chromebook 2020

1. Avira – The best choice for ransomware protection

Free version: Yes

Paid version: $57.99

Avira is another popular cyber security company in the market. The antivirus was crowned AVs Testing Product of the Year 2019. Overall, it is an excellent antivirus and security product and has been included in the list of best antivirus software for Chromebook due to the built-in ransomware protection. Aside from scanning local files, external devices, and apps for malware, the included ransomware also protects you from destructive attacks. Avira has an Android app that is compatible with Chromebook.

If you have stored valuable information on your Chromebook and are worried that it might fall victim to ransomware, it is recommended that you automatically sync the data with Google Drive. In doing so, Avira ransomware protection prevents malware from encrypting your information and later extorting you into obtaining a decryption key.

Avira also offers you an excellent malware scanner that offers real-time protection, protects your identity by tracking data breaches, and automatically rates the app according to privacy concerns.

Avira is among the few security vendors that use a sensor network provided by its global customer base. This feature helps identify threats as they appear around the world in real time and daily. The network consists of local machine learning and malware scanning, and is at the heart of cloud-based security scanning. Approximately 200,000 unknown or potentially suspicious files are uploaded to the cloud-based security service every day.

Another great feature is the program’s web protection. It provides reasonable protection by blocking malicious links, blocking access to suspicious sites and highlighting malicious results in your search engine results.


  • Excellent results from lab test
  • Great blocking of malware

2. Malware – The best choice for privacy protection

Free version: Yes

Premium version: $40

Malwarebytes has announced that its Android antivirus app can be used for Chromebooks. The program provides powerful protection against malware and adware. If you want extra security for your Chromebook laptop, Malwarebytes has you covered. Combined with Chromebook’s built-in security, Malwarebytes will add an extra boost to your protection with AI and heuristic scanning.

Antivirus software usually uses virus signatures to identify unknown threats, and Malwarebytes also comes with this capability. This type of virus has been tested over time, which means that it focuses explicitly on actual viruses that other Chromebook users have infected. While the program includes some malware and signatures, they are limited to specific active threats. This allows Malwarebytes to have a much smaller footprint because there isn’t much of a database of virus signatures to take up much space on a Chromebook.

Malwarebytes does not fundamentally deny signatures but does use advanced heuristics analysis, which checks a program’s behavior, structure, and other factors to determine if it’s malware or a legitimate program.

One of the great reasons Malwarebytes features in our list of best Chromebook antivirus software is its privacy auditing feature. This feature enables you to access the privileges of every app on your Chromebook. When this feature is turned on, the software gives you a comprehensive list of permissions along with specific information about which apps can control your devices, track your location, access your network and for which you have given permission. If you are not comfortable with what you see, you can choose to uninstall the offending app or revoke its permissions.


  • Quick Scan option
  • Anti-ransomware monitoring

3. ESET Antivirus – Best choice for beginners

Free version: No (30-day trial)

Premium version: $39.99/year

ESET Antivirus features in this list the best antivirus for Chromebook due to its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Some Chromebook antivirus software is limited to a restricted portrait mode designed for phones, but ESET seeks to break that limitation with a full-screen experience that is not only attractive, but also easy to use.

At the heart of ESET Antivirus is a real-time malware protection feature. Just like most of its products, ESET relies on NOD32 which uses both advanced experimental methods and signature virus detection to identify emerging threats in its Smart Security Premium. ESET scans for viruses and malware with our cloud-based file reputation service. Ensures virus signatures are always up to date. By analyzing the files on your Chromebook and the files you download as well as checking for similarities with known viruses, the software can find infected files and either remove the offending files or cut the malicious code if a less dangerous solution isn’t possible.

In addition to a powerful malware scanner, ESET also comes with other great security features. A network scanner is included to check for vulnerabilities on your home Wi-Fi, anti-theft features, anti-phishing features to protect you from malicious websites and a security audit feature to check all your apps to check if they have passed a crowd.

To ensure your Chromebook is always protected, ESET Antivirus automatically checks for updates every hour. You can set a custom schedule to run the checks more frequently every 10 minutes. You can also choose to opt out of the automatic update feature and perform updates manually.


  • Little effect on performance
  • too formal
  • Expert level controls


  • Unreasonably expensive for a set of multiple devices

4. Bitdefender – Best Built-in VPN

Free version: Yes

Premium version: USD 23.99

Bitdefender ranks among the best antivirus for Chromebook due to the decent features it offers in both the free and paid versions. One of its best features is a built-in VPN which is available in both versions. It uses AnchorFree services and servers while maintaining security on its own. So, basically, the built-in VPN is a modified version of Hotspot Shield Elite VPN. This VPN feature provides you 200MB of daily traffic for free. In the premium version, VPN allows you to select VPN locations from all over the world as unlimited bandwidth.

Bitdefender Antivirus and Mobile Security is an Android app that runs smoothly on Chromebooks, expanding to a very easy-to-use full screen interface.

Bitdefender offers superior malware protection, a monitoring feature that informs you if your email is involved in a data breach, and an autopilot feature that allows you to patch security holes. The app runs the software through a secure environment to make sure it runs normally and then launches it on the regular part of your Chromebook so you can use it without fear that it might be malicious.

If you intend to take the step towards the paid version, you will get a useful adware removal tool that can be installed on up to three Chromebooks. Other features that you can enjoy include a password manager, vulnerability scanner, and a secure browser.


  • Strong protection from malware
  • Unlimited VPN Use


  • Malware is not perfectly detected

Does Chromebook Need Antivirus?

Google Chromebook laptops are popular due to the massive selection of apps and fast performance. It was not by chance that I heard it. It has a host of security features that make it a handy laptop for security experts.

For the Chromebook, Google built a secure system from scratch. This means that they have coded Chrome OS to protect itself from threats and exploits. The operating system uses a feature called sandbox mode. This means that every tab you open is running in the default sandbox. So if the system selects an infected page, the infection will remain within that tab and will not be able to make its way to the rest of your system. When you close the tab, the sandbox will also be killed. Thus, there is no infection. This is why your Chromebook may not need an antivirus.

Chrome OS is well designed to handle online threats on its own. Also, there are not many antivirus programs that can be downloaded and installed on Chrome OS.

Like Android, Chromebooks use Google’s proprietary security measures such as Google Chrome’s built-in download scanning and Google Drive. Google’s proprietary security measures can detect a lot of malware, rootkits, and viruses. The built-in sandbox also prevents the spread of these threats between applications. However, there are threats that it cannot protect against such as social engineering attacks and the huge variety of hacking.

Yes, Chromebook has powerful built-in protection that can fight many threats but it is also vulnerable to some malicious threats.

How to choose the best antivirus for Chromebook

It is important to say that Chromebook is a very secure laptop and may not need a third party antivirus for protection. Of course, you can still go ahead and install antivirus software on Chrome OS. The point is that the operating system is very capable of handling online threats on its own.

When choosing an antivirus for your Chromebook, consider things like download protection. Files you download from the Internet may come with all kinds of dangerous items, so you may want to look for an antivirus that offers a file download scan.

Email checking is another key feature to look for when choosing the best antivirus for your Chromebook. This can protect your laptop from erasing its hard drive or prevent your data from being exposed to spying eyes.

You should also pay attention to the speed with which you can …

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