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Torrenting with ExpressVPN: A Guide for 2022

Torrenting with ExpressVPN: A Guide for 2022


Among the many reasons to use ExpressVPN, torrenting activities are near the top. In addition to being our pick for the best VPN, ExpressVPN ranks as the best VPN for torrenting. In this guide, we will show you why ExpressVPN is a great VPN for downloading torrents, as well as why you should use a VPN when downloading torrents.

Before we go into details, keep in mind that while torrenting is not illegal, copyrighted torrenting is. It is imperative that you only download when you have VPN protection, because exposing your IP address without a VPN service could lead to disaster. Fortunately, using a VPN like ExpressVPN is simple, keeping your IP address safe while torrenting.

If you want more ways to use ExpressVPN, be sure to check out How to Watch Hulu with ExpressVPN and How to Watch Netflix with ExpressVPN Guides. If you’re still on the fence about buying the subscription, you can read our full ExpressVPN review.

For those who can figure out the torrent process themselves, you can sign up for ExpressVPN for a full 30 days to get your money back.

How to torrent using ExpressVPN

From downloading a torrent client to connecting for the first time, here is a step-by-step guide on how to torrent with ExpressVPN.

Step One: Install Torrent Client

Before you can start torrenting, you need a torrent client. uTorrent is our number one recommendation – and you can read our best VPN guide for uTorrent – but BitTorrent works just fine too. We recommend sticking with these two, though. There are others, but BitTorrent and uTorrent have stood the test of time.

No matter which service you choose, make sure you have our best antivirus software. Although downloading from uTorrent or BitTorrent sites is safe, there are plenty of alternative download sites out there, some of which have annoying cases associated with cybercrime.

Second Step: Register with ExpressVPN

With the torrent client downloaded, it’s time to start using ExpressVPN. Registration requires you to click on the “Get ExpressVPN” button on the homepage, choose your subscription term, and enter your payment method. You can skip the entire ordeal with this link, plus get an additional three months of service for free.

No matter which method you choose, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out the service before making a full commitment. After you have an account, download the app for the platform you are using and enter your activation code to log in. In no more than a few minutes, ExpressVPN is ready for you.

Step 3: Start ExpressVPN and turn on the Kill Switch

It is important that you do the following two steps before connecting to a torrent site or downloading any torrent. First, start ExpressVPN. Before connecting, click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and select Options. Head over to the “Protocol” tab and switch the setting from “Auto” to “TCP” or “UDP”. Read our VPN protocol details to find out why.

Go back to the default tab, General, and look under the Network Lock section. There you will find two checkboxes, the first of which should be enabled by default.

Although referred to as β€œNetwork Lock,” this feature is a kill switch, which will stop all internet traffic if your VPN connection fails. It is crucial that you keep the kill switch enabled while torrenting. If the VPN connection fails and you don’t have a connection, you will reveal yourself.

Before closing the settings, go to the “Advanced” tab. Make sure the boxes under “DNS” and “IPv6 Leak Protection” are enabled. It should be by default, but it doesn’t hurt to check again.

Step 4: Choose the server

ExpressVPN takes the guesswork out of choosing a VPN server, so this step is easy. However, you will want to configure your server before downloading any torrent. Click the three dots next to the currently selected location to bring up the server list. At the top, you will find a β€œSmart Site” and we recommend it.

Smart location depends on distance and load, so it is usually the fastest option. If you are experiencing slow speeds when downloading with a VPN, feel free to browse through the server list to solve the problem. Although switching to another server may help, we recommend choosing a server close to your actual location for the fastest speeds.

After selecting your server, click the big “Play” button and wait for ExpressVPN to connect. Once the process is done, you will have a new IP address and you will be able to surf the internet with privacy.

Step 5: Check and start the download

There is still one small step before downloading. Head over to or and check that you have a new IP address. These sites will also perform DNS leak tests.

Even if you don’t know what DNS is, you can check the results of this test. If you see your ISP in the results, you are leaking DNS requests. We’ve never had this with ExpressVPN, but again, it’s a good idea to double-check.

You are now ready to start downloading with VPN Protection support. Head over to your favorite torrent site or use an alternative torrent site, and go to download. If your VPN connection fails, ExpressVPN will display a warning instead of loading the web page, ensuring you are protected. Happy digital sailing.

Torrenting via ExpressVPN: Overview

  1. Install a torrent client like uTorrent
  2. Sign up for ExpressVPN via the webpage
  3. Start ExpressVPN and use the kill switch
  4. Choose a server nearby
  5. Check your IP address, just in case
  6. A torrent for the joy of your heart

Why ExpressVPN is great for torrenting

Now that you know how to download torrents to your torrent client, let’s cover the main reasons why ExpressVPN is a great VPN provider for torrenting.

Unlimited bandwidth

If you have an ExpressVPN account, you can access unlimited bandwidth – no strings attached. Other services, such as Windscribe and, limit bandwidth for certain plans. With ExpressVPN, bandwidth is not a concern. You can torrent as much as you want, with as many files as you want.

No server restrictions

If you’ve been shopping for a VPN, you may have noticed that some, like NordVPN, advertise dedicated servers for torrenting. Although this is counterintuitive, it is actually a limitation rather than a feature. In most cases, P2P rated servers are the only servers you can use for torrenting, and they’re often full of users (read our article on torrenting with NordVPN).

There are no server restrictions in ExpressVPN. You can use any server anywhere for torrenting activities, without restrictions on how much torrent you can torrent while using a particular site. If the server is not working, just switch to a new server.

Ultra fast speeds

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN we tested. No competition really, except for NordVPN and the impressive NordLynx protocol (although the new ExpressVPN Lightway protocol looks good too). With OpenVPN, though, the most widely adopted VPN protocol, ExpressVPN wins every time. Tunneling near the house, you should expect a slight decrease in speed, digging tunnels outside, you will rarely notice a difference.

Strict no-logs policy

When it comes to privacy, there are few services that stick with it like ExpressVPN. In addition to maintaining a strict no-logs policy, ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which has some of the best privacy laws in the world. More importantly, the BVI does not have any data retention laws, which means ExpressVPN can operate there without logging any user data.

Military grade encryption

Oftentimes, you’ll find terms like “military-grade” or “bank” encryption when browsing VPN sites. Although we usually avoid using these terms, they are true. ExpressVPN uses military-grade AES-256 encryption, which – as you can see in our description of the encryption – is probably the strongest encryption available today.

That’s why we recommend ExpressVPN often in high-risk situations. ExpressVPN ranks high on our list of the best VPNs in China thanks to its uncompromising security, fast speeds, and dedication to user privacy (if you’re planning to visit the Middle Kingdom, check out our guide on how to use ExpressVPN in China). No matter if you’re torrenting a season of a 4K TV show or just a few songs, ExpressVPN will keep you protected.

Lots of servers

At the time of writing, ExpressVPN has 160 VPN server locations spread across 94 countries. Although there are less than 200 sites, the number of physical servers is in the thousands. ExpressVPN has a huge network, touching the ground in countries that most other VPNs can’t even dream of. He even gives HideMyAss a run for his money on that front.

In short, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a server. No matter if you’re trying to unblock YouTube or dodge the privacy practices of an ISP like Comcast, ExpressVPN has a site for you.

last thoughts

Torrenting without a VPN is a bad idea. ExpressVPN is the cream of the crop for torrenting protection, and it’s easy to see why. With its powerful server network, excellent speeds, and technically sophisticated security, ExpressVPN is a VPN provider dedicated to keeping you safe.

What do you download first with ExpressVPN? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading.

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