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Totally Free VPN App for iPhone – Check Top Rated “Proxy VPN”

Totally Free VPN App for iPhone – Check Top Rated “Proxy VPN”


Due to the huge number of completely Free VPN Apps for iPhone There, it is difficult for any VPN company to decide which is the best. But here at Appsverse, we dare say it anyway, and here’s why.

At any time, the Apple App Store is filled with VPN apps that claim to offer the best privacy features while still being completely free. “no records“,”Wi-Fi Security” And “privacy protectionβ€œThey are some of the buzzwords being thrown at mobile users. Unfortunately, consumers are not provided with a wealth of real statistics or tools to test or prove a company’s word.

While any cCompletely Free VPN App for iPhone In the end, it will probably do its intended purpose (like allowing you to change your location, unblock some geo-restricted content, hide your internet activity from the government, ISP, ISP, etc), what this VPN is still Companies treat your private and sensitive data as well as your device as a subject of mystery.

Totally Free VPNs – Why Should You Worry About Them?

Since VPN companies incur very large operating costs, the only reasonable way to understand how completely free VPN companies can survive is to know that they find a way to make money – and they don’t tell you how.

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, a technical investigation found more than 283 VPN apps in the Google Play Store Serious Weaknesses in Privacy and Security Such as possible malware, third-party library inclusion, and traffic manipulation.

Therefore, almost any completely free VPN app for iPhone iOS is likely to suffer the same fate. VPN companies have to run multiple VPN servers all over the world which are live 24/7 and often in more quantities than a particular country or city. The high costs associated with maintaining the service make it impossible not to find ways to make money from its users or from users’ data.

Free VPN companies may find ways to make money from your data but they don’t tell you how

We can show you how most absolutely free VPN companies make money: If they don’t currently serve ads and don’t limit your use within the mobile app, they probably do one of the following:

1. Collecting and selling your data to a third party

2. Secretly using your device to operate paid networks

3. Analyzing your data for other business activities etc.

Read here to read more ways on how free VPNs can make money from your usage data.

Why are Appsverse & Proxy VPN different?

At Appsverse, we’ve been seasoned players in the consumer and mobile privacy space for years now. Our privacy browser, Photon Flash Browser, not only allows users to run Adobe Flash on their iPhone or iPad, but can also help users to Hide their online activity Wow Bypass geo-restrictions.

Our mission has always been to make user privacy and security within the reach of any internet user in a completely safe and protected manner. We knew that if we wanted to release a VPN app, it would be completely free but completely transparent and without any of the shady practices used by other VPN companies.

This Proxy VPN has been rated 4.6 stars with over 4.4K reviews in less than 12 months

VPN Proxy Today is one of High Quality VPN Apps Totally Free You can download it for iOS and Android. In less than a year, Proxy VPN for iOS is a 4.6 star rated app with more than 4.4K reviews, while Proxy VPN for Android is a 4.5 star rated app with more than 179 positive reviews two months ago in January 2019.

7 reasons why Proxy VPN is the best choice

It’s a really bold statement to say that something is for the best.

If you are looking for a completely free VPN software for iPhone, your personal data and privacy are likely to be compromised.

However, this is not the case with Proxy VPN and we can say Proxy VPN is the best free VPN app for iOS.

VPN Proxy It is the best, because it offers no less than Best Privacy and Security Features. In other words, we do our best to treat you better than most premium paid VPNs treat you, but we refuse to charge you and choose to make it free and available to everyone.


If you need a file Completely Free VPN App for iPhoneThis Proxy VPN offers 7 huge reasons Why is it the best choice:

  1. Completely free to use
  2. No logs – we don’t log anything
  3. No data is collected at all – we don’t collect any data
  4. Military grade encryption
  5. Supports Netflix
  6. It doesn’t hurt you the way other free VPNs like Hola VPN, Melon VPN, etc. do
  7. Download Hotspot VPN

Loading Totally Free VPN Proxy for iOS or VPN Proxy for Google Play And you’ll see what we mean.

If you need free VPN for iPhone without an appProxy VPN is also available for Windows and MacOS (coming soon!).

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