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TunnelBear not working? Try these quick fixes

TunnelBear not working? Try these quick fixes

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TunnelBear Offline for you? Try these troubleshooting tips to fix the problem.

Is TunnelBear Not Working For You? It is very easy to fix technical issues that cause TunnelBear to stop working. You can uninstall and reinstall the VPN app to get the latest version of the app. Also, make sure that all ports used by TunnelBear are open.

If you’ve tried these tips and TunnelBear still won’t connect, we recommend switching VPN providers. You can try ExpressVPN as it has a wide range of features. You can check more good VPNs recommended by VPNRanks.

But if you still want to fix it, let’s focus on TunnelBear VPN Repair Tips.

Unable to connect to TunnelBear

Tunnelbear offers the best free VPN services but sometimes you may have trouble connecting. Most TunnelBear non-connection related problems can be resolved with one of the steps listed below:

1. Switch servers

If you have a TunnelBear error connecting to the server, it is possible that your chosen server location is down at the moment.

This can happen if the server needs maintenance or if it develops some technical issues. Your connection problems can often be fixed by turning TunnelBear off and then on again.

If that doesn’t work, try changing to a different server location and try using the internet again.

Assuming the problem is caused by a specific server, this trick should be enough to deal with a not working TunnelBear. For best performance, it’s best to connect to servers closer to your actual location, although TunnelBear is generally fast.

If you are trying to download torrents with TunnelBear enabled for extra protection, be sure to use Holland or Switzerland server locations. Otherwise, you may encounter choking problems.

This guide on using TunnelBear for torrenting gives more details about this.

2. Check your internet connection

If TunnelBear is stuck connecting, are you sure you are connected to an active internet connection? It is not unheard of for VPN users to think that their VPN is a problem when in fact the problem is with the Internet.

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To make sure your internet is working fine, unplug TunnelBear completely and try to connect to the web normally. If you are able to open web pages and other online services, your internet is working fine.

If not, it proves that your internet is wrong. You should contact your Internet service provider and fix the problem. This should be enough to resolve the connection when you find TunnelBear not connecting.

3. Bypass TCP

If you still have TunnelBear VPN not connected after applying other tips, TCP bypass feature can be a life saver. If this feature is turned off, activating it may improve stability and overall performance. Here’s how to access TCP Override:

  • Click the cogwheel button on the left menu to enter the settings
  • Under the General tab, switch to TCP Override

4. Turn on GhostBear

In some countries, there are strict regulations against VPN services. If you are having trouble accessing some restricted websites using TunnelBear from your region or TunnelBear is not working at all, you should activate the GhostBear feature and try to connect again.

Here is how to access the GhostBear feature:

  • Click Settings > Security
  • Toggle GhostBear

This should help deal with censorship in your country. Keep in mind that you should only use GhostBear when you encounter censorship issues. The provider recommends turning this feature off during normal conditions.

5. Clear browser cache, cookies and tracking

TunnelBear Chrome Extension Not Working? This could be due to a browser cache issue. Browsers can cache site information and cookies which can cause communication problems with TunnelBear. Therefore, one of the tips that you should definitely try is to clear your browser cache and activities.

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In addition, most modern browsers allow users to disable location tracking. This will increase your chances of successfully connecting to different server locations of TunnelBear and accessing blocked websites.

6. Software conflict

If you find that TunnelBear is not working on Windows 10 after trying the above steps, you may be experiencing a software conflict with other security software and VPNs that may be installed in your system.

To verify that your security software is not interfering with TunnelBear connection, disable all security software and firewalls. Then try to connect to TunnelBear again. If you can now successfully establish a VPN connection, then the problem is already originating from your antivirus.

You can solve this problem by adding tunnelbear.exe in the list of exceptions managed by your security software. This will force the program to ignore TunnelBear while it continues to offer you protection.

How do I know if TunnelBear is working after applying this step? Just run your VPN with your security software and see if both work as they should without any conflicts, then you have fixed the problem!

7. Excessive multiple logins

TunnelBear’s paid subscription comes with 5 multiple logins. This allows users to install or configure TunnelBear on multiple devices. For example, you can use TunnelBear with Kodi or even configure it for Roku.

However, if you exceed this multi-login limit when using TunnelBear on different devices simultaneously, you will start experiencing connection or login issues. So make sure that you are not logged into TunnelBear on more devices than you need to stay within the stipulated limit.

TunnelBear issues and fixes for specific situations

Here are some of the services, devices, and platforms that TunnelBear often reports problems with their quick fixes:

TunnelBear does not run on Android

There are a few things that you can do if you are bothered about TunnelBear not opening on Android.

  1. Turn on the GhostBear feature.
  2. Disable 3rd party apps to save battery/memory.
  3. Avoid using root firmware in your Android phone.
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Some apps can cause VPNs to crash which can be very annoying when TunnelBear stops working as a result.

In most cases, you will be able to get TunnelBear to work again after following the steps above. You can also check out our other free VPNs for Android for better online privacy.

TunnelBear not working on Netflix

Unfortunately, TunnelBear has been blacklisted by Netflix because it is no longer able to unblock the streaming platform. Several users reported failed attempts to use Netflix with TunnelBear:

I will not be allowed to watch. I am using the free version of TunnelBear VPN. Please help from NetflixViaVPN

Therefore, it would be better for you to use an optimized Netflix VPN service to access all the content that you are missing. For more information, see this article on using TunnelBear for Netflix.

TunnelBear Alternatives

Have you tried all the above methods but still can’t get TunnelBear working again? Maybe it’s time to uninstall TunnelBear and try a new VPN. For example, here’s how TunnelBear compares to ExpressVPN, a very fast and secure VPN with value-added features:

New users can try out the TunnelBear free trial first to see if they are happy with the VPN before purchasing the full subscription, as there is no proper money-back guarantee offered by TunnelBear.


TunnelBear is a well-respected VPN brand. But even the best tools can get stuck at times. When they do, just follow the steps above. You will be able to fix problems with TunnelBear not working in most cases. If you are not satisfied with TunnelBear, you can always choose ExpressVPN.

For more information about this VPN, see our TunnelBear review.

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