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Virtual Router Login Details – All Makes and Models

Virtual Router Login Details – All Makes and Models


Have you ever wanted to change your Wifi settings but forgot the default login details of the router?

So are we!

We’ve put together comprehensive default router logins for all makes and models (Netgear, Belkin, Asus, Linksys, etc.).

You can find the default router username and password for almost any router using our default router username and password list, and you won’t get stuck searching for hours! (Just make sure your VPN service is turned off so it doesn’t cause any problems).

Need help remembering passwords in the future? Check out our Top 5 Password Manager Guides for help.

How do I find the default username and password for a router?

to locate Default Username and Password for you Router You can search his directory. However, you are here because you are probably out of place. Just Enter the make or model of your router In the search box below we will show you the login IP, default router password and username as well.

How do I change or reset my router password?

to reset Your router passwordYou will need to reset it to factory default settings. Doing so will erase each change, and reset the router to its original state, so do so at your own discretion. To perform the reset, you will need to keep the extension reset button for 10 seconds, after which you will be able to log in using the default router login details shown below.

You should always change the default router password and Wifi settings to avoid unfettered people accessing it.

How do I login to my router?

  1. Use the search box to find the default login details for your router
  2. Open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  3. Type the router’s default IP address into the address bar (usually
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. You are now logged into your router!

Router generic default passwords

You should be able to find the exact router login details using the search box below. However, if you have problems, try the router details from the same manufacturer. For example, here are some common default logins.

Router default passwords table

router brand

IP login

user name


Linksys default login Admin Admin
Belkin default login Admin Admin
Asus default login Admin Admin
Netgear default login Admin The password
Synology default login Admin Admin
Arris default login Admin The password

Full list of router logins

Summary of default router logins

We hope that the above list and information helped you to access your router. If we’ve lost a router, or have any other feedback, let us know in the comments.

Routers news and deals

If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your router, I recommend reading our Ultra Router Guide, or alternatively, taking a look at the best routers available on the market today. If you want to stay up to date with the latest routers and security news, sign up for our newsletter below.

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