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VPN connection for Safari browser only! help!

VPN connection for Safari browser only! help!


Uncheck this box and use the routing command at the station. This is what I do for my VPN.

Turn on the VPN.

Open Terminal and run ifconfig.

jonah13 @sandbox: ~ /> ifconfig

::: Some things are cut off here:::

ppp0: flags = 8051 MTU 1444

inet -> network mask 0xffffff00

This is the only relevant information, we just want to know the ppp0 endpoint.

Back in the terminal, select the network for which you need to use the VPN – in this case, the network I want to access via the VPN is

jonah13 @sandbox: ~ /> sudo route add -net

Add net Gate

You will have to enter your credentials.

You can write a script to do this, I just like to write the same thing over and over I guess.

Unfortunately, this is not exactly what you are looking for; It has nothing to do with routing each application. However, I’m sure you can adapt this to your situation. Maybe set the VPN’s default path with the “Send all traffic over VPN connection” checkbox and then specify the paths for things you don’t want over the VPN pointing to your local router? Run “man route” in the terminal, it should start.

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