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VPN connects but no remote LAN access [Solved]

VPN connects but no remote LAN access [Solved]



This just started about two weeks ago. I am connecting to a client site using a Microsoft VPN (pptp) client. I’ve worked these for over a year until the last two weeks. Now when I try to connect, I create a tunnel but I can’t access resources on the remote LAN either by IP address, UNC, hostname, etc. After about 30 to 60 seconds, the tunnel disconnects without error or notification. I have this problem on 3 of my desktop computers and also if I try it from my server.

Here is where it gets weird – I have two other computers in my home office on the same LAN as my business machines and they can create a VPN tunnel to my client’s office and ping all the machines on the remote LAN! They have the same OS (Windows XP Pro SP3) as the hardware which didn’t work.

Normally I don’t care if I can’t access their network remotely because I have other means to connect, but this client has remote users and the same issue I had for one of the remote users occurred. So now I have to find out. Not sure what other details I need to provide. I’m wondering if Microsoft’s new patch has some effect or not.

Some things I’ve tried:

Remove VPN connection and add it again

Perform a repair on the NIC

DNS stream

Firewalls are disabled on all devices

tcpip is not checked and removed from the NIC. Reinstall TCPIP.

Reboot (of course)

see more

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