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VPN Error 800 VPN Tunnels Failed

VPN Error 800 VPN Tunnels Failed


A VPN is a quick way to ensure a secure connection to the server. However, it often shows errors such as VPN Error 800: VPN tunnels failed.

VPN error 800 is usually caused by incorrect server details, network or connection errors, firewall restrictions, etc.

Therefore, at Bobcares, we often receive requests to fix VPN errors, as part of our VPN management services.

Today, let’s see how the support engineers fixed the VPN error 800.

Why does VPN tunnel fail?

A virtual private network or VPN is a secure and encrypted connection method over a public network.

Essentially, a VPN provides a secure tunnel between a local client and a remote server over the Internet.

Sometimes, the user’s attempts to connect to the VPN fail. Normally, VPN displays codes for each corresponding errors. This is useful in the ease of identifying its causes.

VPN Error 800: VPN tunnels failed, a common error. Error code indicates – “Unable to establish VPN connection”. In short, the VPN client cannot access the server. A typical Windows server error message looks like,

Unfortunately, the error code does not describe the reason for this. But, our dedicated engineers with experience in server management for over a decade have fixed this bug for our clients. Possible reasons that led to this error are:

  • server details are incorrect,
  • network errors,
  • firewall restrictions
  • router configuration and so on.

How do we fix VPN error 800?

When our customers contact us with this error, we check the possible causes. Let’s discuss how custom engineers can quickly correct these errors.

1. Server details

The most common cause of VPN error 800 is incorrect server details. That is, the user enters the VPN details on the client side and it does not match the details on the server side.

Therefore, the VPN is unable to connect to an invalid server. It ends up with an error 800. Hence, we always ask our customers to double check the server name, address and other details.

2. VPN type

Likewise, VPN type mismatches on the server side and on the client side can cause errors.

Therefore, our support team checks the VPN connection type of network connections. Then we move as Features >> Security >> VPN type.

We choose the appropriate type from the drop-down list and update it. This depends a lot on the type of VPN server.

3. Network connection errors

VPN always needs a valid connection between client and server. Any network problems can lead to VPN error 800.

In such cases, we ping the server. If the error is caused by some temporary network error, retrying the request after a few minutes fixes the error. We also check if the error is caused by a client-side error or a server-side error.

However, we are working with network providers to isolate the exact error.

4. Firewall Restrictions

VPN uses specific ports for tunneling protocols. If the server’s firewall is restricting those ports, the VPN connection ends with an 800 error.

Usually VPN uses TCP port 1723 for PPTP and IP port 47. If the protocol is L2TP, then port is 1701. Therefore, we always make sure that the firewall does not restrict these ports.

5. Update router firmware

Similarly, a new VPN connection may show VPN error 800. It indicates that the router firmware needs to be updated. This makes the local router compatible with the VPN. If the basic VPN client settings, firewall, etc. are all correct, it is worth updating the router firmware with the help of local network administrators.

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In short, VPN Error 800: VPN tunnels failed is a common VPN error. This error is usually caused by incorrect server details, network errors, firewall restrictions, etc. Today, we saw how support engineers fixed this bug for our customers.

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