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What do Redditors think of NordVPN in 2021?

What do Redditors think of NordVPN in 2021?


If you want to know the real user experience about anything: head over to Reddit. With over 60,000+ comments across various topics and subreddits, it’s the best place to find original reviews on anything.

If you want unverified information on NordVPN, you can visit its official website, but if you want real-life experiences, you need to do some basic work. Interested in learning more about a VPN? Check out our exclusive NordVPN review.

We spent hours on Reddit checking whether NordVPN is keeping its promises and performing. There are hundreds of subreddits and thousands of threads that we’ve combed through to provide you with Reddit user opinions about the industry’s infamous VPN, NordVPN.

Now, let’s see if NordVPN really lives up to its name.

NordVPN Pros According to Reddit

Here are some of the comments on Reddit regarding NordVPN professionals. Below are some of the features that NordVPN claims to offer its customers. Let’s see what Reddit has to say about those general features and services.

What do Redditors think of NordVPN’s speed?

Speed ​​is one of the main factors when choosing a VPN service because your entire internet experience depends on your connection speeds. Even if a VPN service provides high encryption at long speeds, you will not use it.

We’ve run several NordVPN speed tests on both domestic and international servers, and have seen generally good connection speeds. However, we noticed that the speed generally decreased when we connected to long-distance servers. Users on Reddit also have mixed responses.

Royksprekk He says he’s never seen a major drop in speed with NordVPN. according to royksprekk His internet speed is around 150Mbps, and with NordVPN, he doesn’t experience any significant drop in connection speeds. As users recommend Physically switch servers close to it if you experience slow connection speeds.

Likewise, another user, Brooke 1010 says that Distance is one of the biggest factors of VPN speed, so users who want high-speed connections should try to choose a server location that is physically close to them. Long distance VPN speed tends to be slower compared to servers near you.

On the other side, Some users have also tested NordVPN’s speed, and they are happy with it.

You can see that other users have also experienced good connection speeds with NordVPN, such as sansp00 It was Use it for months without any interruption and disconnection. to respond to sansp00, psycho pirate It is recommended to search for servers manually instead of using the automatic connection option. According to this user, for better speeds, Choose a server that is close to your location and has less traffic.

Some users like Tyrannosaurus Not so lucky to complain about slow speeds with NordVPN. According to this user, the speeds were awesome; who – which That’s why it’s recommended to use monthly subscriptions to test the service and cancel it at any time.

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What do Redditors think of NordVPN’s security?

Some users raised security concerns on Reddit about NordVPN, Especially after rumors speculated that NordVPN is not based in Panama, as it is officially claimed. There was also a lot of uproar among subscribers as news of privacy breaches in NordVPN’s data centers was announced. NordVPN explained that the . file Build their own data centers in Finland Instead of using contracted data centers.

Reddit users had a lot to say about the NordVPN security breach. MrTimscampi says that NordVPN has officially notified the public about the security breach after posting their private key on Twitter which is a huge red flag. According to Reddit users, this is unacceptable, especially for the VPN company, because it shows that they either kept quiet or found out after the incident.

Regardless of all these speculations, Reddit users are quite satisfied with NordVPNs’ no-logs policy. NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that has had a log policy audit to check their logs. NordVPN had its logs policy audited again in 2018 and again in 2020 by the PWC. There are not many VPNs that can boast of an audited logging policy.

What do Redditors think of NordVPN’s Netflix unblocking capabilities?

during the test, NordVPN Unblocked Netflix Easily from different regions. Most VPNs do not work with Netflix because their firewall is complex, and not every VPN can bypass it. Luckily , NordVPN offers powerful features, including Tor and Obfuscation, It can bypass any form of geo-blocks and restrictions. It gives the appearance of VPN traffic to normal IP traffic. It also allows you to stream unlimited streaming content on complex devices like Firestick, Roku, Kodi and PS4 easily.

You can also set up NordVPN for the following streaming devices with a few simple steps:

Let’s see what Redditors have to say about NordVPN Unblock Netflix.

Reddit user rjl111111 while Access to US Netflix in Canada He says he has no problems using NordVPN. According to this user, if NordVPN does not unblock Netflix, users can refresh windows or try to connect to a different server location, because it works for rjl111111. Aside from Netflix, a Reddit user mentioned that he can’t get US Amazon Prime Video to work in Canada. Another user encountered the same thing upon access Amazon Prime Video with NordVPN.

another user, Christopher Had trouble unblocking Netflix Germany and says it is constantly being redirected to US Netflix and connection speeds are also very slow. He also says that NordVPN claims not to support German Netflix and automatically redirects to US Netflix.

Reddit user nap He says that if users have problems unblocking Netflix with NordVPN, they can Try turning off their location services, and that should fix the problem. Likewise, in response, WxmTommy95 He says that after turning off location services, he can use NordVPN on his phone without any issues. However, it encountered some lag in the MacBook.

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Easily unblock the following geo-restricted services with NordVPN:

What do Redditors think of NordVPN’s gaming latency?

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for gaming Due to its wide server base and low pitched voice. With servers in more than 59 locations, you can get region-specific games that have not yet been released in your country. with Advanced encryption and obfuscation technologyYou don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks as NordVPN provides DDoS protection to keep online gamers safe.

There are mixed user experiences and comments on Reddit. Some users recommend NordVPN, while others complain about slower speeds and louder sounds. for example, embracing the dark He says that without a VPN, it sounds about 10ms, but with NordVPN, it’s around 300+ when connected to its server in the US.

Similarly, in response to a thread asking does NordVPN affect gaming, a Reddit user, the emperor He said that yes, It may result in higher response time and slower speeds. It’s not just about NordVPN, but VPNs in general. The speed also depends on the distance of the server you choose. If you choose a NordVPN server away from your geographical location and the players server, you will experience a higher response time and connection times.

Another Reddit user, Igromanro Players are recommended to use other NordVPN alternatives like ExpressVPN that offers much better speeds and lower latency.

What do Redditors think of NordVPN’s Torrenting & P2P servers?

NordVPN claims to have multiple P2P servers that support torrenting. Also, NordVPN has a kill switch A feature that protects users in case the VPN connection drops. Here’s what a user on Reddit had to say about NordVPNs P2P servers:

As you see, Idea C 4503 He explains how awful the experience was Using NordVPN to download torrents. According to the user, NordVPN gives you an option to connect to a P2P server, but They removed all port settings and port forwarding functions on those servers, rendering them useless. Idea C 4503 He says NordVPN is useful for users with basic VPN needs, but it is not a good choice for torrenting and P2P activities.

In response to the post, another user, CubaspHe says he has He was torrenting with NordVPN, and hasn’t had any problems so far. He says users need to check their internet connection and choose a server before blaming the VPN. general_blister He says he switched to NordVPN from IPVanish and encountered slow speeds and torrenting issues because it doesn’t work with P2P. It all comes down to choosing the right server for P2P. But it also experienced slower connection speeds with NordVPN.

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What do Redditors think of NordVPN customer support?

NordVPN offers users two ways to connect with customer representatives, either through Direct NordVPN Live Chat or Ticket System via Email. Either way, the staff is very efficient, and I always got the reply on time. Reddit users love NordVPN’s customer support because the responses aren’t automated and are more personal.

1 Reddit user, hypermads2003, He said he had a good chat with NordVPN reps, and they also praised him for his flair for gaming. As another user was pleased with customer service He said he would like to contact them again.

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According to Reddit, NordVPN Cons

We took a look at Reddit comments about NordVPN’s cons; Let’s now see what Reddit users have to say about the perceived negatives of NordVPN.

What do Redditors think of NordVPN pricing?

NordVPN is quite expensive compared to other VPNs like Surfshark which also offers unlimited device connections and more features. NordVPN is currently available for $3.29 per month (save 72% over the holiday season offer for a 2-year plan) for a 2-year plan. Surfshark is one of the best cheap VPN When compared to ExpressVPN and other VPNs.

What do Reddit users think of NordVPN’s Split Tunneling issues?

Some Redditors have it too He complained about NordVPN’s split tunneling feature not workingEspecially on Windows devices. It suddenly disconnects the internet from the entire device. Users have reported that apps excluded from NordVPN tunneling do not seem to work. NotTheOneA3 It says that apps excluded from the VPN connection don’t seem to work. It was also mentioned When Netflix opens in a browser outside the VPN tunnel, it fails to find the host. He said the same about games, where games excluded from the VPN tunnel didn’t seem to have started.

Another user reported the same issue, saying that everything Applications outside the VPN tunnel lose access to the Internet And it doesn’t seem to be working.

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Is NordVPN Worth It According to Reddit?

These are the opinions of Redditors about NordVPN. As you can see, several factors contribute to VPN performance, and we analyzed some of the most important factors on Reddit, including performance, speed, security, and unblocking capabilities. User preferences change from person to person; There is no perfect VPN service.

We recommend NordVPN, as most Reddit users do. NordVPN offers amazing plans even after NordVPN’s lifetime plan is discontinued. You can always cancel your NordVPN subscription if you think the service is not for you or choose NordVPN Free Trial to test the service first.

Visit NordVPN, 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

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