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What is a VPN on iPhone

What is a VPN on iPhone


No offense, Tim, but I couldn’t disagree more. Privacy issues were once an internet problem for the common man, even the Patriot Act and the National Security Agency monitor anyone they choose without a court order. The point is that even for those who feel they have nothing to hide, many would say that our rights to privacy and the spirit of our Founding Fathers as detailed in our Constitution are diametrically opposed. But many people don’t understand the issues, and some are the technologies available to help protect our intended privacy. So, whether one is not about to lose the privacy we are having, these are potential problems even if you live a 100% legal transparent life! Or various technical protections available! The last thing those in the know should do is hold back the answers to an honest question about very important things like a VPN.

Step away from privacy and order Oldshep59’s VPN for a second, if the lack of help plus a tiny bit of scolding and condescension is odd for someone with close to 38,000 points. Tim, if everyone who doesn’t know asking for help is dropped in the mansion you treated in Oldshep59, the human race will never progress beyond what we both know.

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How can a discussion contributor like you choose an honest request from another forum member on one of the most important issues facing Freedom today. Frankly KiltedTim, given your score level, I’m amazed at your response and the example you’ve shown others that discussions may not be a safe and open source of help, information, and support that many of us rely on, and that Apple intended, despite our freedom.

Plus, how can you offend someone who has no point and may be older than a 1959 or 59 year old? If Oldshep59 is actually a beginner, being slapped by anyone here, especially an old 38000-point timer, sends a very poor and slightly offensive message to someone looking for help. I hope the discussions are not influenced by your response style. Yours was polar the opposite of the spirit and environment we love and depend on. Please be more thoughtful and kind to others or not respond at all. thank you.

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