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What is this, and does Norton Secure VPN keep logs?

What is this, and does Norton Secure VPN keep logs?


Virtual private networks, or VPNs, allow people to use public Wi-Fi hotspots securely by encrypting data sent or received during a user’s online session. This protects users’ online privacy and anonymity and helps protect the personal information they pass on while using public Wi-Fi.

Many VPN providers also protect the anonymity of their customers by offering a no-log network or a no-log VPN.

What does a no-logs VPN mean?

A no-log VPN means that the VPN provider does not collect or “log” any information transmitted over the network. They do not save information about your personal details, where you connect to the Internet, what you download, or what you search for. Therefore, your online privacy and anonymity are protected from everyone – even your VPN provider.

What’s so cool about VPNs with no logs?

Why do VPN service providers do this? If you’re tasking a business with encrypting and protecting what you do online, shouldn’t you fundamentally trust that that business will follow the same practices? Most VPN companies think the answer is yes. They don’t record any of your information because they don’t want to. VPN service providers without a record will not create databases of your personal information to sell to third parties.

Does Norton VPN keep logs?

No, Norton Secure VPN does not keep logs.

Some VPN providers collect minimal user information, such as your email, but these exceptions to the rule should be made available in their privacy policy.

As stated in NortonLifeLock’s Global Privacy Statement, Norton Secure VPN collects subscriber information for connection purposes, mobile device data, and aggregate bandwidth usage. Norton Secure VPN does not log information about where you go on the Internet.

Remember: all VPN services are different. Not all VPN service providers run on no-logs networks, so you should choose a VPN service carefully if this is important to you.

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