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Why does iOS say my VPN might be filtering my traffic?

Why does iOS say my VPN might be filtering my traffic?


β€œAll network activity on this iPhone may be filtered or monitored when using a VPN.”

This notification is a default iPhone message that apps – including ours – can’t modify. It explains how VPN connections can be abused and notifies users when an app tries to configure a VPN connection, so it’s a welcome security feature.

However, the wording of the notice seems to suggest that this might be the case for NordVPN’s connection as well. However, we will never filter or monitor your connection, and here’s why:

  • We follow a strict no-logs policy. We only collect the minimum amount of data required to provide a stable and secure service. The famous audit firm Price Waterhouse-Cooper even audited our servers to verify our claim.
  • We have always opposed Internet censorship, One of the primary functions of our product is to provide freedom over the Internet. When Roskomnadzor – the communications regulator for the Russian government – demanded that we implement censorship systems, we immediately removed our servers from the country. Filtering user traffic would be against everything we stand for.

The only exception is our Cybersec feature, which filters out malicious websites and warns users before they enter them. However, users are in complete control of this feature and can turn it on and off at will.

So when you see this default iPhone notification, don’t worry – it just means your iPhone is looking for you. Your connection to NordVPN will remain completely private and under your control.

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