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Why is the internet slower if I connect to a VPN?

Why is the internet slower if I connect to a VPN?

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Why is the internet slower if I’m using a VPN?

VPN is a computer network technology that allows us to securely extend our local area network over a public or unsupervised network such as the Internet. We will do this by creating a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated and encrypted communications, and we will have the confidentiality and reliability of communications and data integrity.

When we connect to a VPN we can say that it is based on taking a simple “wrap”. We send our traffic to an intermediary server that is the one who hides our public IP address and is responsible for sending the data to us. However, this has consequences because we lose some speed and it also increases the connection latency quite a bit. Also sometimes we may be interested in exporting or importing a VPN connection.

The problem comes when we lose a lot of speed for some reason. This means that even browsing the internet can be a frustrating task. Then it also loses other important features such as viewing of multimedia content and downloads. The next thing we’ll do is address the reasons why this is happening. In general it could be because of the server or us.

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VPN server related reasons

One of the reasons for a slow VPN connection may be due to We are connected to a server that is too far . At the moment we connect to VPN, if we don’t choose our country we are in or a nearby country, our connection may be slow. Either because we connect manually or automatically, the problem might be that we don’t choose one nearby.

Although this server is in my country, this VPN server may be saturated . This happens when many people connect to the same server and the bandwidth is shared between all of them. In the event that this happens to us, it would be best to change the server to one that is as close as possible. Another problem is the encryption which makes the packets we send and receive consume more. In this regard, the higher the encryption, the more bandwidth we will occupy. This does not mean that we disable VPN encryption because it will not bring us much improvement but that we will lose in security against cybercriminals.

Issues affecting VPN

If I don’t connect to a VPN, the problem may be with us. One of the most common failures is that Some kind of software interferes with communication . Programs that can have the greatest negative impact may be a poorly configured firewall or antivirus, since the latter, for example, individually analyze each packet that enters and exits the computer.

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Also another very crucial aspect Our connection speed . If we have a 100Mbps connection, we can’t expect to achieve speeds of 300Mbps. In the best case, we will lose 10-15% of the speed in relation to the contracted speed, although it is usually more than that. The also intriguing thing is that there are VPNs for online gaming. As for how to check our VPN, we can do this by monitoring its speed using a file speed test We can easily see if it meets our expectations. Also to improve we can Change the type and encryption protocol for the data or server we are connecting to.

If I connect to a VPN and see that it is still too slow for my needs, it is time to start thinking about changing the VPN provider as it does not give us a good result.

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