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How To Decorate Columns On A Front Porch For Christmas

Use light strands to decorate columns. Adding either battery-operated or electric light strands to the Christmas porch decor gives the entire porch area a soft night-time glow. Attach lights to the columns at the top and bottom using cup hooks. Wrap the columns with the desired amount of lights.

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How to Decorate Columns for Christmas. Step 1. Wrap strands of pine garland diagonally or candy-cane style around indoor or outdoor columns, securing the top with a thumbtack or tying it in … Step 2. Step 3.

Encircle your porch columns with wide, weatherproof ribbon. Angle the ribbon like a candy cane, and add a big red bow in the middle of each column. Use hooks, wire, tacks or small pieces of.

Christmas Holiday Column Covers for Easy Decorating

If you have only one column or post, you can use any of the Huggits™ Column Covers as a stand alone decor, and you will be surprised at the wonderful comments from your neighbors and holiday guests. Whether you have round, square, double post or half columns, the adjustable fit of the Holiday Column Covers offers you lots of options.

How to Decorate Columns on a Front Porch for Christmas Step 1. Wrap columns with ribbon. To create a candy cane effect on the Christmas porch columns, take weatherproof ribbon… Step 2. Add garlands to the design. Take fresh or faux garland and wind it around the columns. Beginning at the top,…

  1. Simple Greenery. If you prefer a more subdued display, then this easy to duplicate option is for you. .
  2. Miniature Christmas Trees in Olive Buckets. Another simplistic but effective display makes use of .
  3. Elegant and Understated Entryway. Reminiscent of a French country villa, this porch display makes .
  4. Old Fashioned Festive Lantern. Looking for a way to light up your porch in a festive and cheerful .
  5. Winter Wonderland Wagon. This shabby chic Christmas porch decoration idea makes use of antique .
  6. Classic Christmas Column Garlands. Make use of your columns to establish an eye-catching .
  7. Dramatic Garland with Oversized Ornaments. If you’re drawn to home decor that makes a bold .
  8. Wicker Sleigh. Although it’s unlikely that this wicker sleigh would handle an overnight trip around the .
  9. Welcoming Seating Area with Cozy Blankets. Most of us tend to retreat indoors once winter sets in, .


Spray paint your column light hooks to match your house. I picked up some textured spray paint close to the color of the columns to see if I could make them blend in a little. I taped the hooks with painter’s tape so I didn’t spray them (highly recommend painting the wood before screwing the hooks in).

20 Decorative Interior Column Design Ideas

20 Decorative Interior Column Design Ideas. All through architectural history, designers and architects have needed to discover innovative approaches to address the issue of structure versus aesthetics in constructing houses. In particular, columns are one of those design difficulties that are fundamental for structural support.

For a unique look, invite a sculptor to carve a totem motif into your columns. Always consult an architect or engineer before sawing into something structural, but if you’re simply looking for a way to inject some extra personality into non-load-bearing decorative columns or run-of-the-mill shelving, bohemian totem poles may be just the ticket.

Oct 28, 2014 – Explore Dallas Curb Appeal Inc’s board “Christmas swags and arches” on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas swags, christmas, christmas decorations.

Everyone loves decorating for Christmas. Grab your garland and get ready for wreaths, because here, the editors of Southern Living share some of their favorite new ideas for Christmas decking the halls. These decorating ideas for your mantel, front door, mailbox, Christmas tree, and more will surely fill you with Christmas cheer and get you into the holiday spirit.

How to Decorate Columns for Christmas |

Dec 5, 2014 – Columns serve as ready-made structures for supporting Christmas decorations, indoors or out. Outdoor column decorations display holiday cheer to guests and passersby, making your home’s entryway appear even grander than usual.

Densely wrapping tree trunks is a common technique used by professional decorators with either string lights or multiple net lights. Column Wraps. Typically measuring 6″ x 12′ or 6″ x 15′, column wraps can be used to quickly and uniformly light both round and square columns. See.

Wrapped Columns. If you have columns on your porch, don’t forget to wrap them in garland and lights to make them a bit more festive. Add a few smaller ornaments if you want to make the columns match your decorating theme or you can just add plain garland to keep the look simple and elegant. Source – Southernliving.

Use your holiday decor to nod to your home state, like this festive ranch-inspired Texas front porch by the duo behind The Cavender Diary. The pair upgraded an inexpensive craft store garland with free scrap branches from their local Christmas tree lot for a full and fancy vibe. Plastic berries and a vintage cow skull finish off the unique look.

56 Amazing front porch Christmas decorating ideas

Bring some wide red ribbon and make a huge bow tie around the urn then place on top some pinecones and colorful balls; use artificial Christmas branches if you wish. Wrap the long garlands around your front porch pillars and hang the smaller ones.

Follow these 15 hanging hacks to spruce up your house this Christmas without damaging walls, door frames, or windows. These tips show you the.

  1. Painting Your Columns Paint the columns the same color as the room to help them blend in. If you .
  2. Adding Permanent Design Elements Add a capital around the top of the column for a rich, classic .
  3. Decorating Columns Temporarily Wrap the columns in garlands for decor you can easily change. .


  1. Combine feather boas with string lights. This post may contain affiliate links. We make a small .
  2. Drape evergreens on your chandelier. If you have a chandelier over your dining room table, it’s .
  3. Clip on some poinsettia ornaments. Poinsettias is a traditional Christmas flower that immediately .
  4. Hang ornaments from the chandelier. Another one of my favorite inexpensive ways to decorate for .
  5. Hang ornaments from an evergreen branch. Another easy and creative way to add to your Christmas .
  6. Wrap boxes in coordinating paper. Whether you use actual Christmas presents, or just some empty .
  7. Make a creative Christmas wreath. This DIY purple and pink wreath made with deco mesh and .
  8. Hang ornaments from ribbons. Ornaments always make a home feel like Christmas so I like to use .
  9. Put Christmas ornaments on a tray. Christmas ornaments are really easy to use as part of your table .
  10. Add wired ribbon to your table. The 4th idea on my list of easy and inexpensive ways to decorate for .


How to Attach Christmas Lights to the Inside of a Window

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Freshome suggests using columns to frame an array of decor or architectural elements in a room, from bookcases to fireplaces, entertainment centers and even art pieces. Columns outside As beautiful as columns are on the inside of homes, they can also be used outdoors to create a beautiful, aesthetic look for your veranda, around a pool, or any.

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