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The Best Dwarf Hamster Food & Treats – What Do Dwarf

Dwarf hamster mix often includes mealworms that are a healthy protein source that The golden or Syrian hamster is a rodent belonging to the hamster subfamily, Cricetinae. Their natural geographical range is limited to arid areas of northern Syria and southern Turkey. Their numbers have been declining in the wild due to a loss of habitat from agriculture and deliberate elimination by humans. Th… will ignore. Supplement your hamster’s diet with fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts . It is important not to go overboard with the fresh foods because they can go rotten in the cage, and also hamsters like to store food away.

  • Tiny Friends Farm Lovelies. This is a well-known brand for hamster treats, and you …
  • Kaytee Healthy Bits. The ‘Healthy Bits’ pack definitely won’t disappoint you. It …
  • Nuts. Your hamster will definitely enjoy all sorts of nuts. They’re a natural source of …


Food Lists – What Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Carrots Celery Broccoli Dandelion Leaves Cauliflower Clover Kale Bean Sprouts Asparagus Chickweed Chicory Cucumber Corn Spinach Watercress Radicchio Romaine Lettuce Turnip Peas Green Beans Chestnuts Squash Sweet Potatoes Water Cress Zucchini.

List of the best grains, seeds and nuts for a dwarf hamster: Barley Cashew Flaxseed Lentils Millet Oats Peanut Popcorn (unsalted) Pumpkin seed Sesame seed Soybeans Squash seeds Sunflower seed Walnut.

  • Pellets. These provide a balanced diet to your pet hamster and are generally recommended for the …
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your hamsters’ diet will help to …
  • Mixed Seeds. A loose mix diet consisting of grains and dried vegetables along with some types of …


The best option for your pet dwarf hamster would be pelleted food. One tablespoon of food per day would be sufficient and any more may motivate the dwarf hamsters to hoard their food. When this happens, you may think that your pet is eating all the food when in fact, it’s just hiding them. Grains, Seeds, & Nuts.

Dwarf Hamster Food – The Complete List – Critter Chaws

Learning What to Feed Your Dwarf Hamster Download Article 1. Feed your dwarf hamster commercial hamster food. Dwarf hamsters have a similar diet to other hamster varieties. 2. Give your hamster fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables add extra nutrition as well as variety to your… 3.

Choosing the best dwarf hamster diet for your pet is extremely important. Dwarf hamsters are very prone to diabetes so low-sugar foods are the way to go. In the wild, dwarf hamsters will regularly eat fruits, nuts, grains, seeds and insects. It’s best to try and recreate this diet as closely as possible.

You can feed your hamster a variety of human foods as long as you limit the treats to no more than 10 percent of your hamster’s diet. Skip the junk food and stick to healthy things like whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruit (in moderation, otherwise diarrhea may result).

The easiest way to make sure your hamster’s diet provides everything he needs is to buy the best prepared food you can find. Then supplement its diet with pieces of fresh fruits and veggies, throwing in an occasional mealworm or cricket. A varied diet is as important to hamsters as it is to people. To ensure your hamster’s safety, you need to know what foods your hamster can eat, what foods they should not.

Variety. Small quantities of greens/cleaned root vegetables/pieces of fruit e.g. apples can supplement the ration. Don¿t give grapes or rhubarb as these can be poisonous to rodents. Wet/powdered food only on the advice of a vet e.g. because of dental problems.

A healthy diet for hamsters

Diet of the Dwarf Hamster. These rodents are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and small animals. Considering that they are quite small themselves, their prey usually consists of insects and invertebrates. Each species has its own unique diet based on where it lives and what season it is.

Dwarf hamsters need a high-protein food item every day. The following are good protein sources: • Boiled chicken breast or turkey • Chicken baby food (with broth; unseasoned) • Egg whites with tiny bit of cooked egg yolk, boiled, scrambled, or fried in small amount of olive oil.

The cute dwarf hamsters are easy to care for as they have a pretty simple diet and only require a clean place to live in. Some well-known and popular species of dwarf hamsters are Campbell’s dwarf hamster, Chinese dwarf hamster, Russian hamster/Winter white dwarf hamster/Djungarian Hamsters, and the Roborovski hamster.

DWARF HAMSTER DIET: general information. Should make up the bulk of their diet. Scatter feeding is best because this encourages natural behaviour and keeps hamsters active. Various millets and (non-treated) grass seed can be used as the base for the mixture. There should always be a higher ratio of flour seeds in the mixture (starchy components.

Dwarf Hamster Diet | Erin’s Ark

The winter white dwarf hamster diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and insects. Food pellets also make for perfect treats. If you have a pet winter white dwarf hamster, you can supplement ready-made food mix with other treats like fresh vegetables, fruits, insects, pasta, and.

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The dwarf hamster diet is not very complicated. As I mentioned before, steer clear of the sweets and stick to the healthier side. I know that a lot of people will.

Hey guys! In this video I show you what I feed my hamster moo and talk about Hamster Diets in detail. I hope this video was helpful in knowing what to feed y.

They can also eat cooked codfish without bones or skin. As mentioned earlier, in the wild they will eat insects that you can pick up at the pet store, such as grasshoppers, mealworms, and crickets. Do not feed insects caught in the wild, as these may contain pesticides that could make your hamster sick.

What Do Robo Hamsters Eat?: Your Roborovski Hamster’s Diet

500g Russian Dwarf Hamster Food Mix with Pellets | Robin’s Fortified Hamster Food Mixes | For Winter Whites, Hybrids, & RCDs RobinsGourmetFood. 5 out of 5 stars (134) Sale Price $10.75 $ 10.75 $ 11.95 Original Price $11.95″ (10% off) Favorite Add to.

The Campbell’s hamsters are herbivores (folivores and granivores), they generally feed upon seeds, nuts and vegetation, complementing this diet with small invertebrates and insects. They are also known to consume corn, oats, sunflower, peanuts, dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, alfalfa, minerals and salts.

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