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7 Awesome Aussie Christmas Traditions – Early Settler’S

7 Awesome Aussie Christmas Traditions
– Celebrate in the sunshine. From seafood lunches to barefoot cricket on the lawn, Christmas Down Under is more about…
– 1 Carols by Candlelight. A great way to kickstart the holidays, most major cities across Australia host a Carols by…
– 2 Photo with Santa. After a couple of years in on-and-off lockdowns and Santa preferring to stay…

  • Carols by Candlelight. Popularized in Melbourne in 1938 by radio announcer …
  • Myer Christmas Windows. One city-specific tradition is the Myer Christmas …
  • Adelaide Christmas Pageant. Each November since 1933 the Adelaide Christmas …
  • Chocolate Calendars. In the lead up to Christmas, Australian’s count the days using …
  • Festive Food. Around the world, food plays a huge part in Christmas celebrations, …
  • Christmas At The Beach. Elsewhere in the world, Christmas is blanketed by snow …
  • Boxing Day. Boxing Day in Australia is the equivalent of Black Friday in the United …


Aussies start their Christmas celebrations from 23rd of December which ends around the 7th of January. Outdoor activities such as camping, surfing, and barbeques are the highlight of this holiday. Of course, the event is celebrated in a variety of different fashions. It’s one of the biggest holidays in the country.

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7 Awesome Aussie Christmas Traditions

7 Awesome Aussie Christmas Traditions Celebrate in the sunshine. From seafood lunches to barefoot cricket on the lawn, Christmas Down Under is more about… 1 Carols by Candlelight. A great way to kickstart the holidays, most major cities across Australia host a Carols by… 2 Photo with Santa.

The most popular event of the Christmas season is called Carols by Candlelight. People come together at night to light candles and sing Christmas carols outside. The stars shining above add to the sights and sounds of this wonderful outdoor concert. Australian families love to do things outside.

  1. Surfing Santa. Traditional Santas wear bright red fleecy suits, lined with white fur and big black .
  2. Eating prawns. While our British and American friends are feasting on roast turkey, baked potato .
  3. Street parties. It’s summer in December in Australia, so street parties are very popular. Sometimes in .
  4. Boxing Day barbecues. Boxing day, the day after Christmas, is traditionally another day of .
  5. Festive road trips. Depending on where your family lives, Christmas Day may involve a long road trip. .
  6. Carols by candlelight. Most cities in Australia host their own Carols by Candlelight and there will .
  7. Christmas lunch. If we believe everything we see on television, it would appear that most Christmas .


If anything, Aussie’s are using COVID-19 as a cause for more significant celebrations this Christmas with intimate family gatherings and favourite festive traditions like having a BBQ on Christmas and Boxing Day (61%), eating seafood (44%), pavlova (34%) and enjoying cherries (33%), on the cards.

Do Australians celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is marked on the national Australian calendar as a public holiday. Christian churches in Australia hold Christmas services, as do churches elsewhere in the Christian world. Many Australians celebrate Christmas at those services, and more celebrate the holiday privately by.

Due to the fact that Christmas falls during summer and so many parts of Australia can be very hot during Christmas, Australians often seek alternatives.

Celebrating an Australian Christmas is very different to the classic white Christmas depicted everywhere. An Aussie Christmas is celebrated in sometimes sweltering conditions where most of our food & drinks are served cold. We look at some ways how to embrace.

  1. Christmas Ball. Who doesn’t love dancing? Host a Christmas ball by organizing a live music concert .
  2. Christmas Party Games. Whether it is a large family or a group of friends, Christmas party games .
  3. The Australian Ninja Warrior. Organize outdoor sports events for your community or neighbors this .
  4. Host a Sandman Contest. Since Aussies love being outdoors, whether it is for a barbie or simply .
  5. Christmas Barbie(BBQ) Another fun Christmas party idea is to bring your community closer by .
  6. Organize a Mini Masterchef. Cook-Offs are a great way of bringing Australian foodies closer. While .
  7. White Christmas. While most of the world celebrates Christmas during winters with snowy rooftops .
  8. Host A Talent Show. Host The Voice but instead of pop songs, let your contestants sing classic .
  9. Christmas Bake-off. Bake-offs are a great way to have fun with your friends and community. Call out .


Aussie Christmas traditions that expats think are weird

  1. Christmas in summer. Instead of frozen toes and woollen sweaters, expats coming from above the .
  2. Sand, surf and Santa. If you’re an expat don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation to hit your local .
  3. The Aussie Christmas BBQ and seafood platter. While the traditional English Christmas meal of a .
  4. Eating Cherries. ..And mangoes, apricots and other stone fruit. The Aussie summer in December .
  5. Bringing along your own meat/alcohol/share plate to a party. For Australians, the invitation to “bring .
  6. Abbreviating every word – even “Christmas” Something an Aussie would say: “Can you head down to .
  7. People walking around bare foot. If it’s so hot, why do Australians get around with bare feet when .


How Aussies Celebrate Christmas In July Christmas in July is a national holiday celebrated in Aus’s coldest month to allow everyone down under to experience the traditional feels of British and European heritage. Kinda makes sense right, why should us cold weather climate folk have all the fun when it comes to cosy nights in?.

If you are just about to have your first Aussie Christmas or are just curious to know what Christmas Down Under is like then read on! Table Of Contents. What to expect during the run-up to Christmas in Australia. Step 1. Step 2 – Sort out your Christmas tree. Step 3 – Christmas attire. What to expect on Christmas Eve.

Christmas traditions in Australia, like Christmas in New Zealand, have many similarities to British, Irish, American and Canadian traditions, including traditional Christmas symbols featuring winter iconography.This means a red fur-coated Father Christmas or Santa Claus riding a sleigh, songs such as “Jingle Bells”, and various Christmas scenes on Christmas cards and decorations.

Do you dream of Christmas in Australia | Aussie Mob

A traditional Aussie Christmas Lunch is not the hot Christmas dinner as you might expect to celebrate on Christmas Day. I suspect, just like everywhere else everyone eats far more than they need! Christmas Lunch in Australia is usually a cold banquet and includes a fresh seafood platter of lobster, prawns and oysters with platters of cold cuts.

Aussies love to light a candle and sit out in a park and listen to Christmas carols. The larger carolling concerts are also widely watched on television. We love traditions such as pulling Christmas crackers and wearing silly hats whilst eating lunch.

Christmas food shopping has already begun with everything from hams to desserts hitting Australian supermarket shelves. After lockdowns across most of.

Try White Wine in the Sun, Aussie Jingle Bells, or Six White Boomers if you’re stuck for some classic Aussie songs. Some classic Christmas films might include A Christmas Story, Home.

Christmas in July: The Facts and The Fictions (+IG) | NB

By Jaxon Horsfall. As a part of welcoming the coldest month of the year, the people of the southern hemisphere often celebrate Christmas in July by making it an unofficial holiday and taking advantage of the cozy nature of their winter season. Not only in Australia and New Zealand, but many other southern countries celebrate Christmas during their summer with full festivity (and make a.

Originally Answered: Do Australians celebrate Christmass in July? For most Australians, Christmas is still on December 25th. Some of us go to the beach, some of us go to restaurants (and hope their air conditioning copes with the numbers!), some go to relatives or friends for a BBQ.

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