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German Christmas Dinner Menu | Allrecipes

German Christmas Dinner Menu | Allrecipes

Christmas has a fairly set menu for most: slices of turkey, boiled sprouts and crispy roast potatoes, followed by Christmas pudding and cake . And Boxing Day is the turkey sandwich day, though quite a lot of people also cook up a big ham to see them through until New Year’s Eve and add some variety to the menu.

A Complete German Christmas Dinner Menu. With this complete German Christmas menu, choose your festive main dish adventure: Roast goose or beef rouladen. Then load up on the side dishes: braised red cabbage, spaetzle, and potato dumplings — they’ll pair perfectly with either choice. And stick around for the Stollen!.

The Menu. Maultaschensuppe (Dumpling Soup) Smoked-Ham Rolls. Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing. Chestnut Stuffing. Turkey with Sauerkraut, Riesling, and.

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Goose and carp, both roasted, are the traditional German Christmas entrees, but could be substituted for duck. Cabbage, kale and sauerkraut are typical side dishes, and breads such as stollen are common. Still not sold? Dessert usually involves Marzipan and other, plentiful cookies, and mulled wine is customary. Check out these German recipes to consider for your Christmas dinner:.

German Christmas Dinner Recipes | HuffPost Life

Braised Pork Roast with Root Vegetables. Bavarian Bread Dumplings. Braised Red Cabbage with Bacon. Baked Walnut-Stuffed Apples with White Wine. Chocolate-Dipped Hazelnut Cookies. Glogg (Spiced Wine).

  1. Roast Goose with Pork, Prune and Chestnut Stuffing. “While author Luke Barr’s research shows that .
  2. Crispy Roasted Goose Is a German Christmas Favorite. “Weihnachtsgans or German Christmas .
  3. Bavarian Bread Dumplings (Semmelknödel) Recipe. “Bavarian home cook Brigitte Drexler’s soul .
  4. German Braised Red Cabbage (Rotkohl) “Juniper berries, green apple, and tangy vinegar give this .
  5. Krautstrudel: An Easy Savory Cabbage Roll. “German Krautstrudel is a delightfully easy savory .
  6. A Classic German Dresden Christmas Stollen. “German Stollen has been around for nearly 700 years .
  7. Almond-Filled Stollen. I’ve been making this during the holiday season for nearly 50 years. When we .
  8. Gingerbread Cookies (Lebkuchen) “A traditional German Christmas gingerbread cookie, or .
  9. Lebkuchen Bars. “These spicy gingerbread-like bars, which are traditional holiday fare in Germany, .
  10. Lebkuchen (German Christmas Cookie) Recipe. “This rendition of the deeply-spiced German .


A typical German meal with Koenigsberger Kloepse (meatballs), potatoes, green beans, cucumber salad, and a dessert called Quarkspeise. button.

A traditional British Christmas dinner looks similar to an American Thanksgiving dinner (which they don’t celebrate, of course). While the list below has British-themed dishes, such as pigs in blankets and fruitcake in the form of cookies, the way to truly make it feel authentic is to whip up a batch of Yorkshire pudding and break open some.

10 Weird Facts About Christmas Foods – Redlands-Loma Linda, CA – Here are some fun and weird facts about Christmas foods that might have.

10 Weird Facts About Christmas Foods | Redlands, CA

The potato salad is rarely served on its own. It is accompanied by a simple meat dish, one that is easy to prepare. Here are some Christmas Eve favorites: Schnitzel, Frikadelle, Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Frankfurter. Traditional Christmas Eve Meal #2: Soup. Another popular Christmas Eve meal is soup.

Some of the best Christmas traditions, like holiday markets and decorating trees (and not to mention some of the best Christmas cookies around), originated in Germany. And with hearty dishes like pork loin, spaetzle, potato salad, and sausages, German cuisine feels especially appropriate for Christmastime, and desserts from stollen to springerle make perfect holiday treats.

Pfeffernuesse Cookies. A German holiday tradition, these fragrant cookies pack a warm rush of spices in every bite. Also called peppernuts, they go wonderfully with coffee or tea.—Joanne Nelson, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Go to Recipe. 39 / 44. Taste of Home.

Despite all the edible goodies around on Christmas Day in Germany, you’ll do well to save a little space for dinner. At the centre of a German Christmas evening spread you’ll usually find a roasted goose, turkey or duck, traditionally served with lovely plump bread dumplings – the classic round ones, or one great big festive loaf-shaped one, known as a Serviettenknödel (pictured sliced, above), plus.

These delicious Christmas recipes represent all the classics from a typical German holiday meal. Treat guests to dishes like spiced wine, cheesy spaetzle, stuffed goose and braised red cabbage.

German Christmas Recipes | Food & Wine

Each traditional Christmas dinner menu features a main course—including ham, turkey, beef, and vegetarian options—paired with two or three side dishes, desserts, or drinks to jump-start your Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner menu planning. No matter which you choose, guests are sure to love one of these delectable Christmas dinner menu ideas.

A Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu. Christmas dinner is the show-stopping feast that caps off a day of fun with friends and family — and opening presents and having snowball fights also makes us pretty hungry! These recipes cover it all, from a three-ingredient holiday appetizer that will have everyone swooning to a luscious cheesecake.

Dinner Menu Ideas by Oma Gerhild Fulson. These dinner menu ideas will make your German menu planning so much easier. Choose between a quick meal or a special company dinner.

Christmas and Beyond: Braised Hare. Rounding out this sampling of Germany’s Christmas panoply is actually a recipe that’s not Christmas specific, but suitable for any winter’s night that calls for edible warmth. Hasenpfeffer, or braised hare stew, is one recipe in a long line of German stewing traditions, a classic hunter’s dish.

The traditional German dinner often consists of duck, roast, bread dumplings, potato dumplings and red cabbage. I’m sure you have all had that stuffing made from bread crumbs and vegetable cubes. Well in Germany, the stuffing is made from apple and sausage.

Experience Delightful German Christmas Traditions at Home

Tuscan Dinner Party Menu Menu. Starting with a warm bean salad accompanied by Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, this Tuscan menu will transport you to Italy even on the coldest of winter nights. With herb smashed potatoes and broccoli with balsamic butter, this Christmas dinner will quickly become a family tradition.

  • Advent Calendar (Adventskalendar) The Advent Calendar counts down the four weeks leading up to …
  • Advent wreath (Adventskranz) Many families in Germany put an Advent wreath on the living room …
  • St. Nicholas Day (Sankt Nikolaus Tag) In Germany, December 5th is a very special night. Children …
  • Krampus Night (Krampus Nacht) In Southern Bavaria, locals celebrate St. Nicholas’ Night in an …
  • Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmärkte) During Advent season the historic city centers of every …
  • Mulled Wine (Glühwein) On a cold day, nothing will warm you up faster than a mug of steaming hot …
  • “Fire Tong” Punch (Feuerzangenbowle) Feuerzangenbowle — this tongue twister is the name of a …


More often than not, classic dishes like Wiener Schnitzel, Würstchen mit Sauerkraut , and, of course, potato-based dishes in various forms, like in Bratkartoffeln (Roasted Potatoes), Pommes Frites (French Fries), or Kartoffelauflauf (potato cassseroles). But have you tried Kalbshaxe (Veal Shank), Pinkel mit Grünkohl (blood sausage with kale), Leberkäse (loaf of finely minced pork sausage) or Maultaschen.

  • Rouladen. A list of traditional German food wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Rouladen. …
  • Sauerbraten. Sauerbraten is considered as the national food of Germany, and unless you’re …
  • Spätzle. Spätzle is made from eggs, flour, salt and a dash of fizzy water. It’s a kind of pasta, and …
  • German Sausages. When it comes to food from Germany, the sausages is one of the most classic …
  • Jägerschnitzel. Schnitzel originated in Austria but is still considered as a traditional food of …
  • Schweinshaxe. Schweinshaxe, also known as pork knuckle is one of the most traditional dishes …
  • Kartoffelpuffer. A fried potato pancake that can be served with eggs for breakfast, but also with …
  • Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is basically fermented cabbage and it has a special place in German cuisine, …
  • Maultaschen. Another traditional German dish that originated in the Swabian region. It’s basically a …
  • Flammkuchen. Flammkuchen (French: Tarte flambée) is basically the German version of pizza. The …


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Stollen (German pronunciation: [ˈʃtɔlən] or ()) is a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit, coated with powdered sugar or icing...


Saving the best for last, one of the most anticipated Weihnachten is the observance of what is commonly known in English as Christmas Eve...