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Top 5 Tips For Visiting Smoky Mountain Christmas At Dollywood

Top 5 Tips For Visiting Smoky Mountain Christmas At Dollywood

Top 5 Tips for Visiting Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood.
– 1. Consider the 2 Day Flex Ticket. The awesome thing about the Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood is that your paid admission includes all of the …
– 2. Research Showtimes in Advance.
– 3. Purchase the TimeSaver Pass.
– 4. Arrive to the Park Early.
– 5. Study the Park Map.

  1. Download the Dollywood app. Download the Dollywood app before you go. It’s very .
  2. Plan ahead. Tickets are the same price all year: $84 plus tax for a one-day pass for .
  3. Wear layers and good shoes. This is East Tennessee. Translation . you might .
  4. Check out Dollywood’s arts and crafts. Dollywood is home to several noted .
  5. Stay for the fireworks show. Dollywood Christmas shows are famous for their music .
  6. Enjoy the quality theme park food. Dollywood serves quality food throughout the .
  7. Catch the tree show at Wilderness Pass. Even if Christmas shows aren’t on your .
  8. Ride a roller coaster (but bundle up) If the weather permits, many of the rides are .
  9. Visit Santa in his Tennessee cabin. I bet you didn’t know that Santa has a cabin in .


Here are some of our favorite Christmas visit tips: Consider a visit early in December. If you book your stay early in the month, it’s perfect for kids who love to ride coasters. My kids were the first on every ride and often the ONLY people riding! Sit back and relax. Dollywood’s resort is quiet with lots of room for play and relaxation.

Top 5 Tips for Visiting Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood 1. Consider the 2 Day Flex Ticket. The awesome thing about the Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood is that your paid… 2. Research Showtimes in Advance. Almost everyone visiting the Smoky Mountain Christmas at.

7 tips for visiting Dollywood at Christmastime | embrace

Take lots of pictures! There are tons of areas throughout the park that offer photo opps! Take advantage of them! It’s not a bad idea to take a point and shoot camera to a busy amusement park, rather than a DSLR. Here are some tips for taking better pictures with a point and shoot camera.

Dollywood Christmas Hours. Dollywood’s Christmas Festival, Smoky Mountain Christmas, begins on November 9th and runs through January 4th. The park is closed a few random days during the festival, mainly Monday and Tuesdays, and also on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Be sure to check their website for specific dates and hours. Each day the park is open it does close late, at 9pm, so.

Smoky Mountain Christmas Presented By Humana. The spirit of the season shines brightest during Smoky Mountain Christmas, America’s best Christmas tradition. Here, the skies dance with the glimmer of more than 5 million twinkling lights and the sounds of our award-winning rides fill the air with Christmas cheer.

  1. Download the Dollywood App. To maximize your time at the park, download Dollywood’s app .
  2. Go with H2O. We call get thirsty trekking through theme parks. Luckily at Dollywood, they realize this .
  3. Don’t Pay to Park. I think we can all agree parking fees are kind of a bummer. Don’t start your day .
  4. Come Prepared. Carrying around a giant backpack loaded with supplies isn’t fun, but neither is .
  5. Skip the Lines. Dollywood can get busy. And, lines can get long. On those crowd-surging days, it’s a .
  6. Eat a Hearty Breakfast. Dollywood opens at 10:00 am, which means there’s plenty of time to eat .
  7. Take an Entertainment Break. The rush of the rides and running after kids can equal a much-needed .
  8. Bring Cash Over Cards. I seem to have a wallet of plastic, but never any cash. Remember to bring .
  9. Bring Your Own Stroller. If you’re traveling with kids, I advise bringing your own stroller. Renting one .
  10. Visit during Dollywood Festivals. A day at Dollywood is made even better if you’re visiting during a .


Tips and tricks for Dollywood: 9 things to know before

  1. Avoid Pigeon Forge traffic. During peak hours, traffic in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg can steal tiny .
  2. Get free parking at Dollywood. The whole building-upon-an-already-existing site was great except for .
  3. Plan ahead for a lot of walking. Look, many amusement parks have the good luck and/or foresight .
  4. Take advantage of the free water at Dollywood. If you’re at Dollywood, there’s a good chance it’s hot .
  5. Purchase refillable mugs and snacks. Dollywood is a family-centric park. They also understand how .
  6. Have your kids measured at the park entrance. This little nugget is a huge time-saver. If you have .
  7. Skip the lockers, use the cubbies. There’s a reason Dollywood is known as the “Friendliest Park in .
  8. See Dolly at Dollywood. This is the big one. Dolly will occasionally make appearances at the park to .
  9. See Dolly in the wild (incognito) at Dollywood. Over the years, I have become friendly with several .


  1. Take the Trolley. Save on parking at Dollywood by using this special tip! At a cost of $10, Dollywood .
  2. Arrive Early. The early bird gets to be first in line at Dollywood! Arriving when the park opens at 10 .
  3. Visit on a Lighter Day. Spring and Winter are less visited seasons at Dollywood. Generally, you’ll find .
  4. Q2Q Line Saver. If you are visiting at a jam-packed day at Dollywood, you can purchase a “line-saver” .
  5. Stay Hydrated. Dollywood offers plenty of fountains and restaurants in the park that provide free .
  6. Eat Before You Go. Since Dollywood opens at 10 AM, there’s plenty of time to eat a hearty breakfast .
  7. Bring Shoes For Water Rides. Daredevil Falls, River Battle, and River Rampage are all fun water rides. .
  8. Do Not Resist the Cinnamon Bread. Rich, decadent, and better than your grandma’s recipe – these .
  9. Seasonal Coupon. In the summer, some McDonalds in Pigeon Forge have coupons when you .
  10. See a Show. As Dolly Parton’s signature creation, Dollywood has plenty of great music shows to .


  1. Arrive Early. Arrive as early as possible to ensure a swift entrance into the park — and a head start .
  2. Travel by Trolley. As with any major attraction, driving and parking can be a huge hassle at .
  3. Download the App. If you struggle to navigate Dollywood or keep the many rides and events straight, .
  4. Use a TimeSaver Pass. The last thing you need is to spend the entirety of your first trip to Dollywood .
  5. Don’t Neglect the Shows. Rides are a big deal at Dollywood, of course, but they only represent the .
  6. Check Out the Shops and Demonstrations. Dollywood’s shows are certainly not the only type of ride .
  7. Plan Your Trip Around a Special Event. Throughout the year, Dollywood hosts a variety of seasonal .
  8. Avoid Restaurants During Peak Lunch And Dinner Hours. It’s only natural to think about food around .
  9. Plan Your Footwear Carefully. It seems like common sense, but what you wear on your feet can .
  10. Try Dollywood’s Parent Swap. Waiting in line for rides can be a hassle with kids in tow. This is .


If you do end up in Dollywood the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas, that’s okay! Get to the park early and stay late to beat the crowds, and try to visit on weekdays if you can. And, for a later option, you might visit those few days after January 1st that Dollywood is open, as everyone returns back home for the new school and work year.

See Dollywood at its Finest During Smokey Mountain

Smoky Mountain Christmas packages can be reserved when you make your reservation at either cabins or the resort. Resort Stay & Play and cabin’s Christmas Memories packages include Dollywood TimeSaver passes with each ticket. Passes, which shorten waiting times, can be used on eight select rides and unlimited daily shows.

Dollywood offers many exciting options for little ones, including playgrounds, rides, shows, and character meet and greets. Santa Claus himself is known to make an appearance! Here are my mom tips for taking a young family to Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas: What to Wear Keep in mind the weather on the day of your visit.

  1. Pick Up a TimeSaver Pass. Lines for tickets can be long, so you’ll definitely want to pick yours up .
  2. Take the Trolley. It’s easy to avoid the drive to Dollywood and the steep parking fees when you take .
  3. Early Saturday Arrival. If you are staying at Dreammore Dollywood Resort or are a Season Pass .
  4. Learn the Lay of the Land. To fit in as much fun as possible at Dollywood, you’re going to want to get .
  5. Get the App. Before the big day, take a minute to download the Dollywood app. Not only does this .
  6. Check the Show Schedule. As much fun as it is riding the rides and exploring the park, your group .
  7. Plan Your Trip Around an Event. Dollywood is always fun, but it’s even more exciting when there’s an .


Dollywood features an incredible Christmas fireworks display called Merry & Bright! which celebrates the season with a colorful and energetic show. During Smoky Mountain Christmas, the “Merry & Bright” fireworks fill the sky with light and unfolds in rhythm to new holiday Christmas tunes.

Upcoming Events at Dollywood and Pigeon Forge 2021

Pigeon Forge Christmas Tour | December 1 to December 3. This is an annual event hosted by Cross Tours & Motor Coach that includes activities in Dollywood as well as the greater Pigeon Forge area. This Pigeon Forge Christmas Tour is seen by many as the official beginning of Christmas as it is when all the shops, restaurants, and parks put out.

Dollywood also offers special Christmas dinners complete with roast turkey, Cades Cove pit ham, sweet tea chicken, cornbread dressing and other goodies. Dollywood Christmas Schedule and Hours Dollywood is fully decorated for Christmas for the.

Dollywood: First time Tips Although we didn’t plan on going to Dollywood just because of the Christmas decorations, these decorations were a huge bonus, as all rides, except water rides were running. Tips: Get there early, before opening, otherwise parking gets backed up.

Here are a few tips to make your Dollywood Christmas memorable: Pick at least one of the shows to attend. It’s nice to have a scheduled break to get off your feet and rest a bit. If it’s really cold outside and you want to warm up, be sure to pick one of the shows in an indoor theater.

Why Christmas at Dollywood Is Unlike Anything Else

My best tip is to visit early in the season, since Smoky Mountain Christmas starts on November 6—it means getting all the perks of a Dollywood Christmas without any of the crowds.

Christmas in the Smokies is a Dollywood tradition that dates back over 30 years. Inside Dolly Parton’s Celebrity Theater, 14 singers and dancers.

When is Dollywood open for Christmas in Pigeon Forge? The average low temperature in Pigeon Forge in December is just 30 degrees, so taking in the lights in the evening can get chilly. It’s also important to be aware of the park’s operating hours.

He first discovered Dollywood at Christmas time and was impressed by all it had to offer. He continues to visit and is now excited to share his insider tips with you. As an author, his literary works are diverse: a mystery novel, memoirs of traveling through the national parks, a Spanish children’s book, a photograph collection from Tennessee.

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